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Vickie to Have Voice Evidence?, Tensai In Action Today, Punk Role Confirmed, More

– Matches for today’s WWE Superstars on include Tensai vs. Justin Gabriel and Jinder Mahal vs. Jimmy Uso.

– Tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown will be a replay from Tuesday’s Super SmackDown with Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio in a Falls Count Anywhere main event.

– Vickie Guerrero continues to hype the new evidence she’s bringing to RAW for AJ Lee and John Cena. She tweeted:

“Tune into Raw when you “HEAR” my latest evidence. I am loving my job. Thank you again @WWEAJLee @JohnCena #CougarInCharge”

– It is now confirmed that WWE Champion CM Punk will be the Grand Marshall of the McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade on Thanksgiving morning in Chicago. The parade airs on WGN.

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  • Opie

    In any minute that Hoeski named Lisa will comment here and leave one of her Dumbass comment

  • Lisa

    Go to hell you fucking imbecile. You are a disgusting pile of trash.

  • Rybork Laserback

    Looks like they are gonna continue it despite the fact that Cena is involved with the WWE Title now. At least they didn’t simply ignore the storyline.

  • Mick

    ^ That being said, the Survivor Series main event ending should be Ryback out of the equation, Cena and Punk closing it out, Ziggler costing Cena the match, as he’s pinned by Punk. Ryback didn’t get pinned, he and Punk get their blowoff at TLC. Cena and Ziggler get their blowoff as well at TLC.

  • notmuch.supwitchu?

    Wow…five minues, Lisa. That was quick! I guess twats like you are mentally connected to the interwebs, eh? Can’t wait for you and your other personalities to downvote me. How’s Cena’s cock tasting today? Figured you would know….

  • matthew

    Just end this stupid storyline it makes no sense. So aj gets fired as gm for sleeping with cena but cena is rewarded with a title shot. I hate these Hollywood soap opera writers.

  • Y2J

    This is exactly like the AJ/Dixie/Clair Lynch storyline TNA did and it really sucked then. And the whole Brad Maddox thing is Garrett Bischoff all over again, except, this guy seems slightly more talented.

  • Lilly

    AJ is the only one really suffering in this whole thing. Cena gets a title shot,Ziggler captains a team for SS & Vickie steals AJ’s job while still torturing her.

  • RCmaster305

    so how long before a dude named Clyde Lynch comes out and says aj is pregnent with there baby

  • Hawkins

    lol hmmmmm voice evidence? PHONE SEX!!! oh wait pg nevermind…smh

  • wrestling crusader

    The Survivor series match should be Team:(AJ)Lee vs. Team:(Vickie)Guearro TEAM Lee: Team Hell No, Ryback,Randy Orton Kofi Kingston. . Team Guerraro: Dolph Ziggler, Rhodes Scholars, Del Rio Wade Barret

  • Brody Lawrence

    Anyone notice that Raw’s ratings have REALLY started tanking since Fatass Guerrero started tweeting her Cena/AJ “evidence”? It’s like WWE is letting her pre-warn the fans not to watch.

    @Y2J Brad Maddox is like evil Garret Bischoff isn’t he? Except Garret was fired for being morally upright while Maddox was fired for being corrupt. I hadn’t realized that. But I have no doubt that WWE is copying that TNA storyline too. Good catch.

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