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Video: Batista’s MMA Debut vs. Vince Lucero

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  • Chelsii.

    Hear those boos? They hate the fact he fought a fat fuck and they let Batista win with those weak ass punches. They couldn’t dent butter.

  • ariez77

    ^^agreed. This fight looked like a set up for bautista the other guy didn’t even try and if u watch his demeanor he’s just fuckin’ around! This guy would have taken bautista out and fast but because it was his hype match they givehim the win. And yes his punches had no power or strenght behind them, very week. The funny thing is he thinks he can take lesnar hahahahaha yeah right buddy rotflmao try to go agains booker t again if u win then u might last a minute with lesnar

  • justin

    Looked like the guy bautista fought was gassed and out of shape nothing too jump up and down about. As much as I liked bautista in wwe that win has not impressed me at all wondered how he would of faired against the guy who got put in jail.

  • Cal Malley

    dat stand up!!!! damn! considering he trains with caesar gracie, his boxings awful!

  • Uncle B

    This was not good for Batista’s reputation.

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