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Video of WWE’s Arm Wrestling Diva, Big Plans for WrestleMania 29 Pre-show

– We noted before that WWE has signed Swedish arm wrestling champion Sarah Backman to a developmental deal. She revealed on Twitter that she will be headed to NXT this summer when her visa is ready. Here is a video of Backman in action earlier this year:

– Stephanie McMahon revealed at this weekend’s SXSW event that they have changes planned for the WrestleMania 29 YouTube pre-show this year. Not only will the pre-show be one hour for WrestleMania, but it will have more interactive features and the fans will be able to vote on stipulations or a match that will affect the WrestleMania 29 pay-per-view later that night.

  • Jaydn Lebsanft

    the match it will probs be to chose the match type will be for brock vs hhh

  • Marvin

    Won’t that make Wrestlemania a total of 5 hours?

    • DoingMaThing

      Yep. Who’s gonna sit behind their TV or computer for that long? I will skip the pre-show and skip the main event (Rock vs Cena). And skip other nonsense like live performances and stupid backstage segments.

      • Y2J

        Um, no one is going to sit behind their TV or computer at all. They might sit in front of it, but they won’t be behind it.

        • Dan Saint

          unless they don’t wanna see it
          but then why pay $60 for it if you can’t see it?

        • DoingMaThing

          I hope you enjoyed being a smart@ss dude. You know exactly what I mean. I will appreciate it if you just correct me next time.

          • Chelsii

            Never. It’s fun to watch you moan.

          • DoingMaThing

            Moaning is something that you do A LOT in bed Chelsii. I don’t moan but I could make you moan if you’re a good looking girl.

        • Thatoneperson


      • Marvin

        Well good for you,Not watching the preshow but i have to watch a show till the end

        • DoingMaThing

          If you’re gonna buy the PPV then yes watch it till the end

          • Marvin

            More like a habit,But Wrestlemania,Extreme Rules,Money in the Bank,Summerslam,Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber are the only PPV’s i always make sure not to miss. Every other one is skipable

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