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Video: Stephanie McMahon Discusses WWE And Her Character On ABC’s Good Morning America

Stephanie McMahon appeared on Tuesday’s edition of ABC’s “Good Morning America” to talk about WWE and more. 

“Women play an integral role in WWE, both in the corporate side as well as, you know, on television …,” McMahon told “Good Morning America”’s Amy Robach. “There’s a lot of girl power at WWE. And we’re proud of it.”

On what women contributed in the male-dominated world of wrestling:

“I think what women bring to the table is perspective,” McMahon replied. “I think that it’s so important for women to have a voice at the table and in the room. And oftentimes, women feel insecure, like they don’t belong at the table with men. And why? Is your opinion any less valuable than anybody else’s? No. It’s actually more valuable because you’re the only woman … And I think that the best way to really come to the best decision is to have that diversity in the room.”

On whether she had to fight particularly hard for anything because of her gender:

“I think not only because I’m a woman, but because I’m the boss’s daughter, there is a perspective that everything’s been handed to me. So that makes me have to work and fight that much harder to prove why I belong,” she said.

On her character:

“I think that there’s nothing more fun than what I get to do. WWE’s mission is to put smiles on people’s faces. Now, those smiles are usually at my expense in my character role, because I play a villain. I’m mean. I am really hateful,” she said, chuckling. “So it’s good if you don’t like me when you’re watching the show, it means I’m doing my job.”

You watch McMahon’s segment here:

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  • It Begins kid

    Steph ??

  • Edynol

    I’ve always admired Steph. Of course people have these preconceived notions about her because she grew up as VKM’s daughter, but they seems to overlook all she’s done and who the McMahons are. Vince grew up hard and has a real work ethic. While other company owners would just sit back and run the company, which Vince could very well had done, but Vince actually got out there, did commentary, wrestled, took bumps, and did everything the wrestlers who worked for him did. And Steph has done the same.

    She’s the daughter of a billionaire, yes, but that doesn’t mean she’s some spoiled princess. There are many rich people who still make their children work and earn their opportunities. Vince definitely seems like that type of person. He was well into adulthood, 20’s or 30’s I think, when he went to work with his father. So that hard life growing up is ingrained in him and will never leave.

    I speak from experience. I am pretty well off now. Not a millionaire, but pretty much set for life. Yet I still use coupons when shopping, work on my own vehicles, chop firewood in the winter, etc. because I grew up doing it. I could very easily get central heating and AC installed, eat out every night, and hire a mechanic every time my truck breaks down, but that’s not me. I bet Vince is very much the same as is Steph. So I think Steph deserves a lot of kudos for what she has done in the business.

    • Lisa

      I agree with most of what you’ve said but you aren’t even a millionaire and you feel you’re “pretty much set for life”? Are you kidding me?

      • Edynol

        No kidding. I’m a smart spender, I have investments, stocks, property, etc. Technically, I am almost a millionaire, all my assets add up to just under it, but I just count what I have in the bank. For the way I live, I am set for life. There are a lot of things I don’t pay for that other people do. I don’t pay for water, I don’t pay for internet, I don’t need to buy much food, I do my own repairs, etc.

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