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Vince Down on WWE Gimmick?, Why Vince Is Upset, RAW Debate Reaction, Punk

– WWE Champion CM Punk is doing media this morning in Chicago to promote tonight’s DVD documentary screening at The Portage Theater.

– We noted earlier this week that Vince McMahon was seen upset at Monday’s RAW. By the time the night was over, it’s said that he was in a much better mood for the Jim Ross Appreciation Night stuff that happened after RAW. One of the reasons Vince is in a bad mood these days is because USA Network officials aren’t happy with the way things are going with three-hour RAW shows.

– There is talk backstage that Vince has soured on the Brodus Clay “Funkasaurus” character, which is why the push he had going has stalled. We noted months ago that Clay may be going back to his old monster gimmick and that seems more likely now.

– There was a very negative backstage reaction to the World Championship Debate with Booker T, Sheamus and Big Show on Monday’s RAW. Going into RAW, they wanted to put some focus on Show vs. Sheamus but had no idea things would fall apart the way they did.

Partial source: PWInsider

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  • Real Kosher

    how the fuck did they not know a stupid ass debate would fall apart?…for fucks sake I knew it would fall apart!

    I still say, change brodus’ gimmick and team him with tensai/a-train in a new tag team with vickie as the manager..with all the tats and stuff between the two they look like a legit team

  • maxpower

    Looks like Raw is going back to two hours soon, WCW did it and you would think WWE would learn from WCW. Also yes the debate was lame.

  • Fuck Off

    The ratings for Raw are in the toilet. If I was part of the USA Network, I wouldn’t be happy either.

  • RCmaster305

    who ever came up with the idea for that debate should be fired on the spot that was one of the worst segment i have seen in years a 12 year old could have done better

  • Adam

    It doesn’t matter how good an idea may be if you then get WWE writers to script it.

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