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Vince McMahon And Kevin Dunn Reportedly Furious At The Blood In The HIAC Main Event

wwe hell in a cell
As seen at the WWE Hell in a Cell PPV, both Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker were bleeding during the main event of the show. Lesnar and Taker did not blade but rather were busted open the hard way. Lesnar ran into the ring post (the same spot he did at WrestleMania 31), and Taker was busted open after Lesnar took his glove off and punched him in the head.’s Bryan Alvarez got texts from someone that was backstage and watched Vince McMahon’s reaction. Alvarez claimed that Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn were freaking out because of the blood as WWE has a no blood policy.

Dunn was screaming for a doctor to get out there. Thus the reason that WWE doctor continued to go into the HIAC structure in attempts to calm down Lesnar and Taker, but that did not work as Lesnar shoved the doctor and after that, the doctor did not return.


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  • will

    Love it. Good on ya Brock and taker

  • Lemmy Is God

    If someone bleeds by accident they need to let it go, it happens….doctors showing up really kill the momentum of the match

    • Damian Starr

      I thought the whole gimmick was no escaping etc. absolute pisstake that the doctor got into the ring

  • Michael King

    That crap is just ridiculous Vince and Kevin need to chill smoke a blunt or something

  • The one and only great one

    That’s bull! U didn’t even have to watch closely to see both Lesnar & Taker blade during the ring post incident. Lesnar didn’t even hit the post with his head. He bladed while standing there and Taker bladed while laying on the floor. Both of them was seen rubbing their forehead… But I LOVED THE BLOOD!!! The blood made the match that much better…

  • siddus

    Lesnar bleeds to often for it to be coincidence, and Taker is old-school. Both know that they will not get any meaningful sanctions for blading. That’s what went down tonight.

    • KingBack

      I agree. Lesnar blading was so obvious because his head didn’t even hit the ring post… And I strongly doubt Lesnar hit Taker so hard that he was busted open.

  • Edynol

    I think they both bladed. But big deal. The is a show about violence. So what if there is blood? Why are people so anal over blood? It’s just blood. Everyone knows what blood is and what it looks like and have at some point in their lives bled from a cut or scrape or something.

    If anything, the should encourage bleeding, bladed or not. If younger fans see them bleeding and “seriously hurt”, they might be discouraged to try it home. I mean, seeing wrestlers do all these crazy stunts and coming out with hardly a mark on them is what convinces kids to try this at home because they don’t believe they can be seriously hurt.

    On the other hand though, if they see blood, they might think “Hmm. Maybe this isn’t fake as people say” and decide not to try it.

  • The Shockmaster

    I’m starting to get real sick of this Dunn guy

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