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Vince Russo Has Harsh Words For WWE About Chyna’s Passing

As noted, TMZ caught up with Stephanie McMahon earlier in the week. She told them that the late Chyna could eventually join the WWE as ‘never say never.’

Vince Russo doesn’t think Stephanie was honest and posted the following message (which was edited for language).

“It’s so sad that Joan Laurer had to actually DIE in order to be recognized by the WWE. Honestly, mere words here cannot even start to describe how sad, pathetic and just out right disgusting that is. While she was on this planet Vince, Hunter and Stephanie didn’t even have the decency to treat her like a human being, let alone someone who contributed to their overall success over the years. But in her death . . . she is SURE to get in the Hall of Fame.

Remember this HORSE S—, Hunter?

I know I will never forget it.”

Chyna and Stephanie never had a good relationship. Chyna left WWE after learning Triple H was cheating on her with Stephanie.
Last month, Chyna passed away and the exact cause of death is still pending results.

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  • Mike

    Shut up Russo

    • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

      But he’s right lol

      • Mike

        No he’s not. I don’t ger his point, while she was doing what she was doing, there’s no way they could have her in the hall of fame, imagine what kind of speech she would Of gave or what she would of been on. I feel wwe paid their respects and played a moving tribute to chyna.

  • sandman14769

    Russo the attention seeking whore

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    WWE is a publicly traded company what do you want them to say ? R.I.P to a junkie, washed up wrestler, or shameless porn star ? Let’s not forget just a few years back the abuse allegations against HHH. Let’s be honest the lifestyle she lived was the cause of her death.

    • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

      Xpac did porn and we all know he’s going in lol

  • Lisa

    Had Big Nose HHH not cheated on Chyna and left her for his boss’ daughter, Chyna’s life wouldn’t have come to a halt so soon. That fool HHH betrayed Chyna and she was forced out of WWE. She ended up turning to porn as a source of income and sadly got addicted to drugs.Sad story.

  • cp munk

    There was bad blood between both sides. I’m not by any means defending the way triple h and stephanie treated her but chyna did nothing to help the situation either

  • robvanriot

    Why do people continue to insist that WWE is to blame for Chyna’s poor life choices?

    • Klax

      Because many, many people are very narrow minded.

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