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Vince Russo: “Seth Rollins Is Not Over Because Of Creative”

WWE Championship
For over 6 months now, Seth Rollins has been in possession of the WWE Championship. He’s scored wins over John Cena, Dean Ambrose and Sting to name a few. Still, Vince Russo doesn’t think the WWE is helping to gets Rollins over.

“Seth Rollins is a great wrestler, Seth Rollins is not over,” said Russo on Nuclear Heat. “The reason Seth Rollins is not over is because creative has butchered his character. He [has] got more personalities than Sybil. One week, he’s running away. The next week, he’s standing up to Dean Ambrose. The next week, he’s running away. The next week, he’s standing up to Triple H. There have been so many changes with this Seth Rollins, there is no way anybody in the audience can be emotionally attached to him.”

He compared Rollins current title run to when Shawn Michaels was champion. He said Michaels had “consistency of his character,” while Rollins is all over the place in storylines.

To hear more from Russo on Nuclear Heat, please click here.

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  • Jakerams

    I have to agree Seth is very inconsistent with his character personality just after a bit of pep talk he’s all excited for a match then the next week he’s scared and claiming to have a problem.

  • Starman

    His character is inconsistent but I don’t think that means he isn’t over with the fans. He seems popular enough.

    • jcice13

      his character,for his talent, should be way way over as a the champion, heel, I know he’s over, but don’t you think it should be far more than it is?

      • MEH

        Agreed, he definitely should be more over than he is. I think the problem is that he is over-exposed and too predictable. It’s like I know this coming Raw and SD he is more than likely to kick off the show with a 20min boring promo, followed by a few segments backstage complaining to the Authority, running from demon Kane or coming up with a plan that ultimately doesn’t work by the close of Raw

        • jcice13

          well his character may be too predictable but he certainly isn’t over exposed..he’s the world champ, he SHOULD be on TV a lot..ever since wrestling has gone to the 2-3 hour show when has the champ not been on a decent amount of the time each show? he’s the money man, you put the belt on him to generate cash…start with Hogan when he returned before the first Mania and work your way up to today and unless the champ was injured when wasn’t he the prominent figure on the broadcast?
          as for him coming out and doing a long rant? they all do it, and if it’s not Rollins it’s HHH and Steph, Cena or any of the top guys at the moment…to me, and I’ve said this before, creative is ruining him, he’s doing what they tell him, and they must be happy with it because that’s what they’ve given him since he turned..look what they did to Steen, he went from a machine to a coward..I guess the soap opera writers don’t grasp the concept of heel that well, or let me rephrase that, their concept is not what I consider to be any good, and quite frankly? very lazy..almost as if there’s a formula they follow

      • Starman

        I think playing the cowardly heel role means you’ll only get over so much. It’s like HHH when he was champion for ages with evolution helping him out every week.

        • jcice13

          but was HHH’s character cowardly and whiney like Rollins? I don’t recall him being that way, I could be wrong but I thought he was always “the game” character and always talked rough and tough..a lot of the heel champs got help in their matches whether it was from a manager, or their arm candy or even a friend, that I don’t mind as much as what they’ve done with Rollins and his development..but if I’m correct and the authority is going to screw Rollins down the line his whining will be one of the reasons HHH would do such a thing to him and I still think at some point Rollins gets back with the Shield after getting screwed would take some time but I think that it would be a nice completion to the arc of the storyline

          • Starman

            HHH was very whiney when he was champ in evolution, always trying to get out of title matches.

            I like the idea of the shield reforming. If HHH keeps stacking the deck against him it could see him turn face and then Ambrose & Reigns help him out.

          • jcice13

            I really don’t remember him being all that whiney but hey when you get to be my age you’re lucky to remember a lot of things…I said here a while ago that the seeds look to be getting planted for the authority to screw Rollins and if it did come to fruition it would, or should be a long process

  • Izo

    Uhh hes plenty over hes gotten really good pops lately especially at the recent ppv’s.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    I cringe whenever people call him the next HBK. He’s not even 10% similar once you strip off the fact that he wears fancy pants to the ring at every ppv much like Michaels used to. And a heel Michaels would drive the arena nuts from the moment his music hits and they’d trash the ring once he got on the mic and literally insulted the city they are in. People loved to hate the heel Michaels.

  • Mike

    That’s his character. He’s a chicken heel, but he believes he is the best ever. So he then acts all tough after a hhh pep talk but is then scared again quickly after. There’s no problem with seth he is very over. People don’t like him and that’s good. No one would ever trash a ring anymore, people know too much these days.

  • jcice13

    Rollins is really good and he does just about everything exceptionally….for a guy this good to not be super over has to be on creative, when they do write him in a good story he always gets a better reaction than when they have him with lame ones..they’ve made him a whiner and a crybaby and that’s just wrong if you want to get someone over to be your champ, no matter if it’s heel or face, this is your #1 belt and you can’t have the lower ones outshine your world champ..I felt it was wrong of them to make Cena this fighting champ and then having him say to Rollins that he defends his belt…that is not a knock on Cena but one on the writers….and again that’s just my thoughts and the style I enjoy watching

    • YoMommasMan

      How in the hell you don’t work for this site is beyond me. Most of your comments give more insight than Ravens

      • jcice13

        LOL first you give me a glowing compliment then you compare me to Ravens???? hey I’ve offered my services free of charge on a few occasions..I want to do a column that would ask questions about situations in the sport to bring about some decent back and forth among the offer still stands, but I doubt if anything will come of it..but I do have over 55 years of wrestling viewing and a very good background in writing, maybe it’s one of those things where I am over qualified??? and really let’s be serious most of my comments give more insight than anyone that writes here but Ravens??? LOL I’ve never copied and pasted anything in my life, not that I wouldn’t enjoy it but I don’t know how to do it

  • Rizzy

    He gets major heat from normal fans and cheered by those who know how good he is. He’s doing his job and is over. When/if he ever turns face watch him blow up.

  • cubfan4life2

    Uhm……creatitive??? Seriously? Is that Ravens in a Lisnow suit?

    • Edynol

      At least he edits, unlike Ravens. Typos happen.

  • robvanriot

    Can we have an agreement not to publish anything Russo says? The guy lives on the oxygen of his dying publicity. He hasn’t said a single useful thing in fifteen years. He had a major hand in killing WCW, and a major hand in tanking TNA. He knows nothing about pro wrestling.

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