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Vince Scrambles After Ryback Botch, WWE’s Future Money Maker Found?, Del Rey

– Vince McMahon was reportedly scrambling at Monday’s RAW when Ryback failed to do his finisher on Tensai. Workers in the production truck were instructed to make him look as strong as possible with the replays.

– WWE officials are very high on United States Champion Antonio Cesaro. WWE feels they will make a lot of money off Cesaro in the future so expect his push to continue.

Some feel that WWE wanted to do right by Cesaro and that’s why they hired his girlfriend Sara Del Rey as a developmental trainer.

Partial source: PWInsider

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  • Darren

    Vince was scrambling, why? Ryback already hit his finisher on Tensai before, he should of been facing somebody else. Everyone makes mistakes, Ryback is as strong as they come but Tensai is a very tough opponent for any man to lift like that, period.

  • Real Kosher

    tensai sandbagged ryback and its obvious, I like tensai/a-train but you can tell that he just kinda went a bit limp when Ryback tried to lift him

  • Mick

    Cesaro and Sara Del Rey are dating?!

  • Kayfabe fan

    Cesaro is a world championship material
    He deserve the push ( specially after holding brodus for a few second b4 doing his finisher holy shit that was awesome )

  • Chelsii.

    Yeah, Cesaro is a strong guy. I was shocked what he did to Brodus.

  • Muscleman

    I was so surprised to see Ryback struggle and come up short in his attempt at getting Tensai off the ground for his ‘Shell Shocked’ finisher. For a man of Ryback’s physique, you wouldn’t expect him to have any problems lifting a 350-pound man. Tensai may however be the man at fault as Ryback did hit his finisher on Tensai last week on Smackdown. About Vince’s reaction to the incident, it doesn’t surprise me as Vince is a perfectionist and considering that Ryback is his personal project, you do not expect him not to react in the manner that he did. Ryback should get his act together and avoid a repeat of the embarassment.

  • Only Smoke & Mirrors 2 Meeee !

    woah woah woah flag on the play hold up, do you mean to tell me That Cesaro is tapping Del Rey?
    Cesaro i hate you!

  • Only Smoke & Mirrors 2 Meeee !

    it truly goes to show you don’t judge a book by its cover
    Although Ryback Appears Absolutely Jacked and look as if he can move mountains, Cesaro was able to “Heave -Ho- KO”
    Brodus Clay Without breaking a sweat because from what i can see it seems to me that perhaps Ryback only uses Resistance Bands and Fitness Machines to get the cuts hence the look but i believe Cesaro actually just sticks to the weights hence making him way stronger then he appears to be.

  • maxpower

    Ryback is not that strong, he had problems lifting Jack Swagger before and Derrick Bateman. Ryback can’t last a 10 min match and that is why he will end up like Mason Ryan. Ryback marks go cry a river! the truth hurt.

  • Tony

    I still can’t believe they are pushing some dildo looking tool named “Rawback”, err, “Ryback”.

    If Vince ever pushes a gay wrestler, we know which one it’ll be. Only they’ll change his name to Bareback.

  • bomb

    Cesaro is really strong. If you go on youtube you can see him ricola bomb Takayama in a tag match with Kassius Ohno. In the same match he also does two big swings on Sano, one of them with only one leg.

    I’m glad to hear WWE likes him because he’s my favourite to watch in the ring.

  • Mayback

    Weird hearing WWE likes Antonio Cesaro and wanted to make him happy by hiring his girlfriend.Didnt think they would give a crap for a guy from the indies but actually see potentials in the ex ROH guys

  • jayman

    How can Ryback not lift Tensai, if Antonio Cesaro could netrualize that big boy brodus clay

  • Jay

    Last week on Smackdown Ryback picked up Tensai with no problem. Maybe he was just tired, everyone over reacts. Plus Tensai could of ‘jumped’ onto his shoulders a little

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