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Vince Seeing TNA as Competition, Possible PPV Plans for 2014

– If you’re wondering about all the recent incidents where it appears TNA will do something on their TV program and then WWE will immediately turn around and do the same thing on their program the next week, it’s not a coincidence. As much as Vince McMahon claims he doesn’t think anything about TNA and doesn’t consider them competition, that’s not the case at all, and creative on both sides watch the other side’s programming.

– With the 2014 WWE pay-per-view dates recently being released, it appears WWE will be dropping either Battleground or Hell In a Cell in 2014. They will run 13 pay-per-views however they are going to add a second pay-per-view to June, bringing back The Bash at The Beach. There is also talk that next year’s October pay-per-view may feature a War Games match, something fans have been wanting for a long time. The only potential hang-up is that Survivor Series usually features four-on-four matches and it would be odd to do a four-on-four in October and in November.


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  • Aaron

    He won’t see TNA as competition after tonight! If he still does he needs to get his eyes examined!

    • Lara_P1

      WWE has ripped several ideas from TNA; clearly Vinnie Mac sees what they are up to and if they are doing something new or better he immediately jumps all over it. TNA did that recap at the start of every show; soap opera like..then i see WWE and they are doing it. Then TNA had that shoot style camera follow wrestlers backstage…then a few weeks later i saw WWE doing it. i really dont care honestly, i just cant stand when ppl say: “WWE never watches TNA bc they arent even on their radar, bla bla.” oh and this isnt aimed at you, just replied to you is all.

  • Tyler Drummond

    I thought it would have been the other way around because TNA has been using a lot of WWE stuff lately. WWE has done the same with TNA, but I havent seen much of it lately.

    • Lara_P1

      what WWE stuff has TNA used lately? im guessing you’re talking Dixie’s heel turn?

      • Tyler Drummond

        Dixie’s heel turn, putting Lei’d Tapa with Gail after WWE put Tamina with AJ, AJ Styles being anti-establishment like Punk/Bryan, AJ having no contract similar to the Punk’s contract ending. Im sure theres others I just cant think of on the spot right now lol.

        • Lara_P1

          those are enough examples lol :p but in all honesty, TNA has storylines planned months ahead of time; they have storylines done at this moment for months away; therefore, some may be mere coincidential but others are not I am sure. AJ being anti establishment was more of a sting re-hash than anything else. I actually enjoy Gail over AJ Lee (personal preference); but anyways, it does go both ways both companys try to take from one another.

          • Tyler Drummond

            Oh just to add another one (I wont actually say in case you dont read spoilers) but what TNA did on the taping for next weeks impact is straight from the 2011 Summer of Punk. But ofc both companies do it, its just been a lot more of TNA doing it lately (that I have found).

          • Lara_P1

            sadly i often work Monday nights and Thursday nights so i catch Raw and Impact the day after :/ but i dont mind spoilers, i watch either way, im about to look up the spoiler and see what ur talking about

  • Bianca Gurrola

    Vince has nothing to worry about tna being a competition. They r almost all wwe rejects anyways. Just saying.

  • Junaid

    This post screams bullsh*t to me.

  • Tommy Colosi

    The only thing I can think of is the contract signing.. chalk that up to coicedence,,, back to back ppvs, its bound to happen

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    Vince doesn’t see TNA as legit competition. If he did, he’d be more worried about TNA stealing his talents and make a better effort to treat a few of them better. But he’s literally doing the bare minimum (better pay) to make sure that talents that want to keep wrestling will keep doing so for WWE. If TNA had any serious financial backing and was able to manage the budget they already had, WWE would either be a much better product than it is right now, or in deep trouble. But the fact is, TNA tried to force itself to appear ready to go toe-to-toe with WWE when TNA simply didn’t have the budget yet to sustain that sort of competition. It’s like if some skinny dude wants to beat Mark Henry in a weightlifting competition and challenges him after only about a week in the gym. Not only is he going to lose in embarrassing fashion, he’s also likely to hurt himself and end up worse off than before.

    • [B]ANExx

      I agree, if Vince thought them legit competition he would have tried REALLY hard to get AJ Styles when he was out-of-contract, knowing that TNAs other top guys (Angle / Sting / Bully) were either already, or near, the wrong side of 40 (50 in Stings case!) leaving only Jeff Hardy as their only other top-card talent under 40(ish). Bobby Roode and Austin Aries haven’t had the push recently and would need building up again!!

      • xXwindsofchangeXx

        All respect to AJ Styles, but WWE has enough talent between its main roster, NXT, AND its indy/international pipeline that they would be fine if Styles never came to WWE. The problem isn’t a lack of talent in WWE. It’s politics and WWE’s quick-glance, predeterminist view on the talents they sign – which, I suppose to their credit, they at least admit to doing by making a storyline (Bryan/Orton/HHH etc.) out of it. Oh, and on top of that, WWE has Taylor Swift-like commitment issues when it comes to pushing people that aren’t the top 2 or 3 stars.

        Nobody can gain enough footing in the midcard to jump to the next level because there’s so much stop-and-start in terms of booking. You’ll see a guy pushed for a while, he’s getting over, and then he disappears and WWE moves on to someone else. Or what starts as an attempt to get a guy over as a singles star gets bogged down with storylines that fail to take advantage of that guy’s momentum. I know WWE’s looking for a really nice payoff, but I feel like this Bryan/Orton storyline has dragged on a few months too long. Now it feels less like they’re waiting for a great payoff for Bryan and more trying to find every excuse in the book to keep the championship off him. Then they threw Big Show into the mix, which muddied the waters even more.

        And Bryan’s fortunate. Look at what’s happened to the Shield. They’ve gone from a multiple-title-holding juggernaut to Triple H’s cronies – and even that role for them is unclear at the moment, as The Authority and The Shield haven’t directly interacted on TV in several weeks. Now, to their credit, they’re still putting on great matches – but Ambrose isn’t getting any mic time, and their video promos was one of the things that made this group unique. They’re visible, but they’re stuck in neutral, and that’s no good.

        In my estimation, Cody Rhodes should be World Heavyweight Champion already – or, at the very least, be the first #1 Contender to the title as soon as Sandow cashes in (which I’m praying to God is this Sunday) and they’ve gotten through the obligatory rematch. But now he’s got the Tag Team Titles with Goldust. If he had just been in a tag team with Goldust for a while, I could deal with that. But the fact that they went with giving them the titles cuts Cody’s feet out from under him as far as a top-card singles run is concerned. (The second consequence is that The Usos got screwed over for the umpteenth time, when they should be multiple-time champs already.)

        • [B]ANExx

          Forgive late reply – just came back to WNZ, my post was less “WWE needs AJ Styles” and more “TNA REALLY needs AJ Styles” i.e. – if Vince thought TNA was a legit threat and wanted to hurt them he’d have pulled AJ Styles from under them and watch them squirm without one of their only two top-stars who aren’t 40+ years old.

          I think AJ could have been good in WWE, but they have enough exciting things going on atm without him that he isn’t ‘missed’. However losing AJ would hurt TNA a lot more than gaining him would help WWE.

          • xXwindsofchangeXx

            I get you… but I think as a WWE fan, that’s my worst fear. Sure, I know they’ve got a bunch of talented performers – but AJ Styles is probably the closest thing TNA has to a cash cow because you can put him in any role and he’ll excel. If TNA were to let him walk, that would probably signal the beginning of the end for them, and that would be a disaster to WWE fans. That could be an article all to itself. I don’t want TNA to succeed despite the fact that I’m a WWE fan. I want TNA to succeed BECAUSE I’m a WWE fan. It’s bad for the industry in general that WWE has no legitimate competition – and by legitimate competition I don’t mean an equal that can go toe-to-toe with a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. I’m talking more about a promotion that’s viable ENOUGH financially – enough that some of the talented performers that have been buried because of backstage politics, or simply not given a chance, could jump ship without wondering how they’re going to feed themselves. Because that’s more or less how WWE beat WCW in the Monday Night Wars. When guys like the Radicalz jumped ship and WWE had the cojones to put the spotlight on them and make money from a bunch of guys WCW simply refused to respect and utilize, WCW’s politics-over-talent approach to booking really got exposed and true wrestling fans started to sour on them. Stop me if the whole politics-over-talent thing starts to sound familiar.

            I’m sure if most of you asked some of those guys why they’re still in WWE and haven’t asked for their release, they’ll say that it’s because they love wrestling. That may be true to some extent, but I’m also curious as to how many would stick around if another promotion came out of the woodwork that maybe didn’t pay quite as well as WWE, but paid enough for them to make a decent living, AND they got to be utilized and respected for what they do.

            Wade Barrett? Just a strange situation if I’ve ever seen one – he’s already proven he can hang with the company’s supposed best both in the ring and on the mic and he’s already wrestled for the WWE Championship. Drew McIntyre – yeah, I know he didn’t get over initially, but he’s at least as good as current IC Champ Curtis Axel if not a bit better – 4 years younger, too. Zack Ryder? Say what you will about him in the ring, but GOD, he could’ve made WWE’s job so easy, as over as he was in 2011. He could’ve at least been a second Kofi Kingston in the midcard as a perennial face belt contender. (And maybe with that, they wouldn’t be so scared to move Kofi out of the midcard.) Tyson Kidd could be a multiple-time tag champion if they’d just put him in another tag team and actually feature it (cool to see him get a televised win, though…) and could maybe be an IC Champ and help that belt out as well. I’d love to see Kidd and Axel go at it for a month or two.

            Picture what would happen if there was a viable promotion out there that could pick up some of these guys. Ryder was sick of WWE’s sh!t two years ago, he’d be long gone. Barrett would bolt and probably become a mainstay wherever he landed. McIntyre would be right behind him and probably rejuvenate his entire career. He looks so unhappy when he’s on screen right now, and it’s hard to watch. Tyson Kidd would jump – and what’s worse, he’d take the main roster’s best pure wrestling Diva in Natalya with him. Or, depending on how look at things, Natalya would be running for the door and Tyson Kidd would be hot on her heels. I STILL think she should’ve quit outright after that one gimmick she got landed with. Those who have watched regularly for a couple of years know what I’m talking about. Hell, at this juncture, WWE would probably lose Ziggler, too. Punk may stay now, but if this sort of promotion I’m talking about had been around 3 years ago, he wouldn’t be here today and 2011 would have never happened – ditto goes for Daniel Bryan. That’s enough guys to build a VERY respectable top end of a roster anywhere – enough, maybe, with a few smart additions, to tip the balance of power in the American wrestling industry.

          • [B]ANExx

            You are, of course, 100% correct – by having competition WWE is forced to think more about their story lines, in truth I think that has shown in the last 24 months. I too consider myself far more of a WWE fan than a TNA one (I haven’t watched any TNA programming for many months, just keeping up with ‘stuff’ from spoilers. / reports) and it does seem a shame that right now WWE can treat their TALENT like dirt get away with it – I know it is 100% storyline but it smells like what Big Show was doing for weeks – ‘do it because there is no-where else you can do THIS for money’.

            Regarding specifically a few of the names you mentioned, I have long wanted a UK faction in WWE – McIntyre from Scotland, Barrett from England, Sheamus from Ireland and (Mason Ryan?) from Wales – whilst the Welshman would DEFINITELY be the weak link I think the other guys in a stable like that would be good enough characters and mic-men to carry him and only use him in the ‘hired muscle’ role, my only issue so far is the name for the group – the best I came up with was “Kingdom, United” which is crap…

            I assume in the last paragraph you were talking about the flatulence story which was ridiculous. She deserves SO much better than that – her current story is only a small step up… Man a promotion with guys like Ziggler / Bryan / Punk / Cesaro at the very top of the card sounds awesome, oh wait, ROH :) I just wish they had a proper TV deal and followed the same weekly episode TV / Monthly PPV cycle WWE did!!

          • xXwindsofchangeXx

            Remember, though, Ireland’s its own sovereign state – not part of the UK like a lot of people assume. Northern Ireland IS still part of the UK, but Sheamus is from the independent part of Ireland – the capital in fact (Dublin). Although, having Sheamus join such a faction anyway would be a sure way for him to gain heat with certain segments. (I.E.: Any person with acknowledged Irish heritage.)

            Alternately, since your hypothetical stable could use a bit of size diversity (i.e. all your guys are really, really big), how about pulling up Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey from NXT, which would give you Barrett, Grey, and Neville to represent England, McIntyre for Scotland, Ryan for Wales (God, I HATE that guy, but it has to be done for this to work). And since Ireland is independent you could skip over them. Although, if you’re insistent, you could kill three birds with one stone – adding Ireland’s representation as well as giving the stable a female presence and the main roster a new diva that’s actually got some in-ring experience by bringing up native Dubliner Becky Lynch from NXT. Alternately, even though it would make the stable really England-dominant, you could bring up Paige as well.

            As for a name, I like “The Commonwealth…” and I just had a vision of D-Mac wearing a HUGE Scotland flag around his shoulders to the ring. Yeah, actually, he should just go ahead and do that regardless.

          • [B]ANExx

            The Commonwealth – WAY better than than Kingdom United…

            I get the Ireland thing (I am FROM England 😛 ) but I think for the Faction to be a huge hit would need a big star from NOW – Barrett I still think is GOING to be a big star – hopefully in the near future, and McIntyre may yet still get there if they realise he is too good for 3-man-job, but Sheamus is the faction’s ‘Main Event’ player – much like HHH was for Evolution.

            Hadn’t thought of Paige, nice tough getting a Diva in – and a bloody good one – Is Adrian Neville the former PAC? because yeah he deserves a spot in this sort of faction (I don’t watch a huge amount of NXT – usually just what I can find on youtube).

            Also not a huge M.Ryan fan, but Wales should be represented and he wouldn’t be bad as thug-muscle if they were a heel group, which I am kind of imagining.

  • pc

    survivor series is 5 on 5 everything in this article screams bullshit

  • Darsow44

    TNA programming frequently showcases half-naked musclemen pretending to fight. That’s a blatant rip-off of WWE!

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