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Vince’s Backstage Speech, Who Is High on Gewirtz’ Replacement, More Shake-Up News

– As noted before, there was major heat backstage at last night’s RAW and Brian Gewirtz has been dismissed from his duties writing RAW. Gewirtz will remain with the company as a consultant but there’s talk that these changes may be the beginning of the end for Gewirtz and even SmackDown writer Ed Koskey. WWE keeping him as a consultant may be their way of working out what’s left of his contract.

Gewirtz was actually dismissed on Friday but the word was kept quiet over the weekend. Gewirtz was not the RAW head writer but he had been writing both RAW and SmackDown from WWE headquarters in Stamford with the rest of the non-traveling creative team.

As noted, Eric Pankowski will be replacing Gewirtz. Pankowski has been with the company since February and it’s said that Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon are very high on him.

There’s expected to be a lot more changes within WWE soon. Most everyone is nervous and scared for their jobs.

We noted last night that Vince held a meeting before RAW and told the writers that he wants results or resignations. Vince added that those changes starts at the top with him. The situation was described as very scary.

Source: PWInsider

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  • Joseph

    Maybe that will mean no more Santino or anger management garbage.

  • Real Kosher

    I think vince might be stepping down in the near future…maybe by the end of this year…


    The PG has to go

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    @Joseph Santino’s actually not a bad wrestler. It’s the booking of him that’s fucked up. And Team Hell No has grown on me. My first reaction was “WTF is this?” but now I think they’re hilarious. Definitely the most entertaining tag champs we’ve had in a few years, and it doesn’t hurt that each of them is a very skilled worker (to put it mildly)

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    @D-INCARNATION GOD, you guys and your Attitude Era nostalgia glasses. I liked the Attitude Era – but I’m not going to say that another Attitude Era is the only way to go. All turning TV-14 would do would be to add more violence, more sex, and more swearing. It wouldn’t help BAD WRITING, which is much more the problem with the PG-WWE than PG itself. Sure, the Attitude Era gave us Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. McMahon and the Ministry of Darkness. But the Attitude Era ALSO gave us Katie Vick and Mae Young birthing a hand. And with the current writers, if WWE went TV-14, I guarantee you there would be way more of the latter than the former.

    If you want guys beating the shit out of each other with no storylines, just find a nearby bar at the right time of the evening.

    If you want everyone swearing up a storm with no regard for writing… just find a nearby bar at the right time of the evening.

    And if you want the extra sex without good writing, since you obviously have access to the internet, just go watch porn.

  • Anonymous Raw GM

    You’re a Grade-A idiot if you think there can be better Writing when you mix Wrestling and PG world together. Wrestling is a pure adult sport but the fact that WWE made it kid friendly made it tough for everyone. Look at the Rock, he cannot even cut a promo using a swear word. So imagine how difficult it is for writers to write a storyline that isnt edgy or out of the PG crap? The options are very limited

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