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Wade Barrett Blasts His Former Stable, WWE Stars Praise NXT Tapings

– WWE held another set of NXT tapings last night to praise from fans in attendance and wrestlers who were there working. Here are some comments via Twitter:

Vickie Guerrero: “Full Sail was an amazing opportunity last night! Production, crew, and talent worked hard and the end result was impressive #nxt”

Matt Striker: “Just got done w NXT all I can say is wow. It’s always good to see guys that I came up with on the Indies finally getting a chance.”

Tyson Kidd: “NXT as usual was pure electricity-in the ring and in the crowd. Love competing here every time. Now on to Sarnia and London Ontario”

– WWE’s website has a new article up wondering if Wade Barrett would re-form The Nexus. Barrett commented on Twitter and says one group he would not re-form is The Corre. Barrett tweeted:

“I certainly wouldn’t reform The Corre, Mr. Journalist. In fact, ‘The Corre’ is my greatest regret in almost 9 years of wrestling at every level. I’d burn the history books if I could. “The Corre are equals” they cried. Kiss my English backside, you clowns. #BarrettBarrage”

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  • GN-0015

    Well said, Barrett. When I first heard that The Corre was equal, I knew it wouldn’t last long, especially with Ezekiel Jackson in it. If tag teams can split because of different egos, how can 4 guys who supposedly have equal shares (and egos) in a group stay united?

  • TehBryanKendrich

    With BIG Zeke how can you be equals, the guys huge.

  • Chelsii

    Ezekiel <3

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    A somewhat apropos comment after recently handing Justin Gabriel’s ass to him. Wade handles continuity quite a bit better than most other people in WWE – even the writers. That’s one of the many qualities that I think will make him a top heel in the company if WWE doesn’t drag their feet in pushing him. After all, he’s already 32 and can’t wait that long. He’s already won the IC and he needs to be in serious contention for the world title within a year. Then again, he’s also gotta stay healthy. I heard that he was supposed to win at MITB this past time but they had to change plans with him being hurt. It probably would have been Wade and Ziggler instead of Ziggler and essentially nobody (with Cena winning, cashing in and then losing the match.)

  • brandon

    God I fucking hate you chelsii.

  • Chelsii.

    Brandon, you’re a fucking retard… I haven’t commented on this site all day apart from JBL talking about Michael Cole. Again, you’re a retard.

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