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Wade Barrett Gets Big Heel Heat, WCW Valet Makes Disturbing Post, More

– Former WCW valet Gorgeous George wrote the following disturbing post on Facebook this week:

“Well its really nice to kniw after 13 years of marriage i am only worth 2800$ my life is f**ked i own nothing i am old and washed up thanks alit doyle for making my life a living hell i want to slit my throat i have no reasin to live all i do is reck peoples lifes i am a horrible person worth nothing but a waste of life i am 37 with no car job family kids i have nothing left to give people my soul is lost i hope everyone got every last bit of me they could use up thanks for all the so calked freinds that talk sh*t thats so cool karma is a motherf***ers i am living now i am paying in full for my dirt”

– There were fans upset at the WWE live event in Dublin on Thursday because Daniel Bryan wasn’t there. Bryan was heavily promoted on TV and radio advertisements leading up to the show. After the show, fans were chatting about wanting refunds but WWE did not offer them.

– Wade Barrett came out as “Bad News Barrett” at the WWE live event in Dublin on Thursday. He cut a heel promo on Ireland before defeating Zack Ryder. Barrett ended his promo with “God Save Our Queen!” which caused fans to throw a bottle, some cups and other trash at him.

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  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    Just… why, with Barrett? WHY? I mean, what does he have to do? We’re talking about a guy that held his own as a roster rookie in a situation with the promotion’s ‘big boys’, where a lot of rookies – hell, a lot of WWE vets – would have failed. Never mind that it would do WWE good to have England represented on TV again. WWE could very easily use the same logic that’s been keeping Alberto Del Rio on our television screens with regularity the past couple of years – and, for my money, Barrett’s much, MUCH better on the mic than Del Rio will ever be.

    • Mario Peralta

      I agree, back in 2011 it was convincing that he was a threat to the “top guy” John Cena by using the Nexus to push him as a top heel. Now it’s like they aren’t sure where they want him.

    • Maddox

      Sooooooooo… Do you want him as a face or heel?

  • Heelsean

    When I went to Raw last year in Birmingham Barrett got a huge pop (probably because he was wrestling Miz as well I think) but after the TV tapings had ended he cut a face promo and the crowd went crazy for him. He’s a great size, has a good look, is very good in the ring and cut a good promo. He seems to have it all but for some reason he just can’t get a push or atleast maintain one.

  • The_Brown_Widow

    Wade Barrett is back :-).

    • Jay Ess

      Hold on a sec. This is WWE booking we’re talking about….so next week he’ll be squashed by Cena on Raw and Smackdown.

      • The_Brown_Widow

        I hope not :( .

  • Tim van Wijngaarden

    I was there, and the only thing that happened was a single bottle got thrown, security went right after the guy who did it. It wasn’t just heat he got, some people did applaud him for the good promo he cut.

  • Joseph Douglas

    So fans were upset because Bryan wasn’t there but the WWE stopped pushing him because they don’t think people want him in the main event? The WWE needs to get their heads out of their asses and wake up.

    • Richie

      I agree…i guess they didnt think that the reason buyrates were down is because the product has sucked lately, and the only reason people DID buy the PPVs was because of Daniel being in the main event!

  • Why did GG replace ‘o’ with an ‘i’ in this post?

  • Poppy’s Hammer

    It ain’t hard to get huge amount of heat in Dublin… I mean he is British, the Irish absolutely hate the crap out of them, so him preaching about the queen would piss off the whole crowd easily.

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