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Walls of Jericho’s Latest Victim, Papa Shango Making Rare Return, FCW’s Young Diva

– Former WWE star “The Godfather” Charles Wright will be bringing back his Papa Shango character for a rare appearance at the Pro Wrestling Syndicate Super Card 2012 event on March 9th in Rahway, New Jersey. Shango will be posing with fans and signing autographs. For more information, visit prowrestlingsyndicate.com.

– After it was reported last week that new 19 year old FCW Diva Britani Knight may be held in WWE developmental for some time because of her age, her mother Sweet Saraya told The Norwich Evening News that WWE may fast-track her daughter to the main roster. She said:

“She is the first 19-year-old girl from Europe to venture into FCW, and I think they’ll fast-track her.”

– Chris Jericho came out for a segment at last night’s RAW live event in Sacramento, California but was interrupted by Jack Swagger. Swagger ended up in the Walls of Jericho to end it.

Matches to note at last night’s RAW live event saw Brodus Clay defeat Tyler Reks and “Ryback” Skip Sheffield beat Alex Riley.

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  • Shocked_n_Awed

    Okay, I’m “getting” the new Jericho less and less as time goes by… he seemed like he was trying to force a heel reaction from the fans with his first and second weeks on Raw. While I know the house shows don’t really mean anything, why would he put his finisher on an established heel at a house show? Why wouldn’t they send Santino out to get beaten on, and solidify Jericho’s direction? This just feels like they’ve actually got no idea what they’re doing with him, which sadly, is probably the case.

  • smpunk

    Take a closer look at the cryptic videos and you’ll know what they’re doing with Y2J.

    Okay so here goes nothing.

    Jericho is a Babyface for now then heel later on. His new character is that he’s reborn and has seen through his old ways of calling people hypocrites. As the prophet says ” Those who sin shall vanish with the ed of the world as you know it. ” ( Just a example )
    Reason why he went back to being Y2J is because he’s repenting for his sins cause that ” Girl ” told him he’ll vanish with the world if he keeps going forward with his sins, as the prophet says.Only way to be saved is to repent for all his doings. Reason why he don’t talk is cause he’s not really repenting but just doing so to save himself from the prophet. So my guess is this is why he’s doing this every week. But once he wins the rumble and start talking that ” Girl ” Might show up and actually tell him that you’ve finally been reborn but all the things about the world ending was a lie. Then probably at the elimination chamber or after the raw after the royal rumble he’ll turn heel and start the whole best in the world at what i do character again. That’s just my guess for now you can take this as my two cents on this whole situation, if it were true i would be mad cause i like face jericho better. :)

  • Marko50

    The Papa Shango thing isn’t that rare – Charles Wright will be doing it in LA at the end of Jan. He did say he didn’t keep anything from the charactor and he’ll have to buy all new stuff.