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War or Words Continues with Jericho and Regal, Regal Ends It Again

– The war of words between Chris Jericho and William Regal has continued on Twitter. A fan asked Regal who would win in a technical match – he or Jericho. Regal replied:

“Someone would have to teach him a proper hold before he could enter.”

Jericho responded:

“Is this the guy who used to be on Raw 5 years ago? Not sure I remember who you are…”

Regal once again ended the back and forth:

“You know,I’m the one who copied you and wore a 3 piece suit and talked intelligently and menacing.”

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  • theoutlaw

    Exactly Jericho IS a Regal Wanna-Bee to quote Jericho’s New T-Shirt

  • Peter Ballack

    Even though this is obviously a work, Regal completely owned Jericho with that last comment.

    In fact, Regal’s return to WWE in 2000 was interrupted by a long-haired Chris Jericho wearing disco pants.

    What was Regal doing in that promo?
    Oh yeah, talking menacingly whilst wearing a suit…

  • Rg41982

    Regal is a very good wrestler and a under used talent but he is no way better then y2j. He deserves a champ run but I feel his time is up.

  • Finlay

    William Regal is under used in the WWE. He would be an excellent manager for some of the wrestlers who are not so good on the mic

  • rob

    regal to manage drew mcintyre

  • lol exactly jericho is always saying people stole the suit wearing heel gimmick from him yet regal did it first so by

  • sorry didnt finish that so by logic that makes jericho a reagl wannabe

  • C.I.T.M

    As much of a jeri-holic I am
    Jericho just got owned by an Man’s man

  • TonyT

    *Thumbs Up RCmaster305* – And yet no one seems to remember Ric Flair doing the ‘Suited Heel Gimmick’ LONGGGGGGG before Jericho or Regal were even KNOWN in the wrestling biz.

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