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Was The Miz Injured on Monday’s Episode of Raw?

The Miz appeared to be pretty shaken up during his match with Kofi Kingston on this week’s WWE Raw after taking Trouble in Paradise. He was treated for a cut above his eye and the referee threw up the X signal.

Based on the fact the camera zoomed in on Miz and they played the injury up on commentary it didn’t appear serious.

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  • me

    The Miz needs to beat Kofi at Main Event now, otherwise The Miz would have been completely buried in this mini feud

  • Stryker9

    Whoa! Miz got smoked with that kick…..

  • Mark

    trouble in paradise is the new sweet chin music

  • Well, this has been Miz’s issue in the ring for years. He is lazy and slow, plus has to rely on his opponent to get a good match.

    If he turned around just a little faster, he wouldn’t get injured

  • 889

    It was Kofis fault..he gave Miz no time to turn around or block that kick. How about you buy a pair of glasses Mindy?

  • glitch

    i dont care if it was a timing botch or not. it was beautiful.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    I was gonna wait to see if he was still alive before making a joke about this, but here goes:

    I don’t think that was quite the “Skull Crushing Finale” Miz had in mind.

    Okay… got that outta the way. I think both guys share a little blame here. Kofi started too early (but in his defense it’s really hard to pull a kick like that once you’re in the air). Miz knew this spot was coming, though, and probably should have made more of an effort to get his hands up like most guys do when they sell the TIP. I’m not sure if he was trying to better ‘sell’ the move by not doing that or if he just had a brain fart. And in HIS defense, Kofi got a bit overzealous.

    All in all, though, it’s as glitch says. Sometimes the slight timing botch ends up being a fair bit more impressive than the planned spot. The crowd sure loved it. I don’t think this would have gotten a second look 10 years ago. But in WWE’s attempt to sterilize something that’s inherently violent… I’ll stop. We could be on that topic all day.

    I hope we don’t see the double standard at work here. This DEFINITELY wasn’t worse than the time Randy Orton blew Cody Rhodes’ face out with the ring bell.

  • Stryker9

    Mindy, Miz had no time to do anything, before he even hit the ropes Kofi was halfway through his spin in the air. It looked awesome but I hope Miz is alright cause that kick probably sent him back to Wrestlemania 27.

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