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Watch Roman Reigns’ Surprise Return After Suspension, Former Champ Issues Statement

WWE Champion
Roman Reigns made an appearance at Friday’s live event, getting involved after the main event. It marks Reigns’ first appearance since being suspended by WWE for violating the Wellness Policy. WWE doesn’t disclose what substance caused Reigns to be suspended, but it was rumored to be Adderall.

After Dean Ambrose defeated Seth Rollins at Friday’s live event from Delaware, Reigns saved the WWE Champion from a post-match beating. Reigns tossed Ambrose the belt and left to end the show.

Below is footage of Reigns and a statement about his return.

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  • Omega’d

    Better not put the title straight back on Reigns, would hardly send a good message to others now would it? “Take this, get suspended, win the WWE Championship on return”

    • Mike

      I think everyone would agree, even someone like me who is a fan of reigns, although im a bigger fan of ambrose and Rollins. Reigns won’t be winning Sunday, I believe strongly ambrose will retain, however Rollins could win. I think reigns might take a pin, then have a little break from the title scene, as could Rollins if ambrose wins. Could see Rollins and reigns have an extended fued and Maybe ambrose moves on to somebody like bray wyatt who is on smackdown with him.

      • Crazy_Victor

        I think the title will end up on Raw, so Rollins maybe wins tonight. I agree Roman won’t get the title after the suspension, but surely he will in the future. I believe Orton was suspended two times and still won a lot of championships. So not tonight but it’s a matter of time he’ll be champ again.

        • Mike

          Yeah I totally agree with you regarding reigns being champ in the future, no reason why he can’t be just after one violation. Orton had two as you said. I think wwe
          Makes a big statement regarding smackdown live if ambrose wins. If Raw just gets the title, just for the sake of it being on raw straight away. I think they’ve already conceded their new project will be the firm b show. That and the fact dean hasn’t been champ long and Rollins was champ for a long time then he got injured but never lost it, then he won it back, then got cashed in on. That title has basically been Rollins or hugely
          Associated with him for maybe two years, from even when he held
          The money in the bank briefcase. I think it might be time for Rollins to enter a separate fued away from the title for a short while. I’m
          A massive fan of the guy, if we wins tonight I won’t mind that what so ever. But I think dean deserves his chance and his time.

        • AuctionPicker

          The WWE Title isn’t going to be exclusive to either brand. The Champion will appear on both shows.

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