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More Wellness Policy Violations Possibly Coming

The recent string of suspensions might not be over. Over the past week Alberto Del Rio, Paige and Eva Marie were given 30 day suspensions for their first violation of the Wellness Policy.

More names could possibly be revealed after RAW or SmackDown Live. It would be similar to a few months ago when WWE didn’t announce Roman Reigns’ suspension until after he dropped the title and set up his next program. If WWE is waiting, any names could have a major role already scheduled for SummerSlam.

Eva Marie’s suspension involved her taking Adderall, which claims to have a prescription for. The substance(s) for real life couple Del Rio and Paige isn’t known. WWE doesn’t announce what someone fails for; only the that he/she has been suspended and for how long.

Should be an interesting and tense few days.

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