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What Happened After Monday’s Raw Went Off The Air

Medics attended to The Big Show after Monday’s Raw went off the air, while the heels posed at the top of the ramp.

Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena was the dark match main event of the night. Cena put a promo before the match. Cena got the victory following an AA.

After the match, Cena said that the fans cheers are his real theme music. He thanked everyone for coming. That concluded tonight’s event.

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  • Anonymous Raw GM

    They shouldve taped the fans “cheering” back during his title match against RVD at that ECW One Night Stand ppv in 06! Would make for a helluva entrance theme!

    • Rotnerd

      where are those fans at now. I swear its all kids and woman in the crowd.

  • Rotnerd

    God, just take Cena’s belts away and have him come out every night kissing ass, that’s all he is there for. Stonecold and the Rock never did this crap, fans loved them for real reasons.

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