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What Happened After Monday’s Raw Went Off The Air

After Monday’s Raw went off the air, John Cena & Team Hell No took on The Shield in the dark match main event. The match ended when Seth Rollins hit Cena with a chair, prompting The Shield to get disqualified.

Following the match, the faces hit their finishers on the Shield to send the crowd home happy.

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  • B-Dazzle

    They forgot where Dragon chokeslam Roman Reigns.

    • Omnipotent

      whos dragon?

      • Kayfabe fan

        American dragon is kane obviously….

        • Rob

          Yea he is red…

      • B-Dazzle

        Dragon is Daniel Bryan. He’s been chokeslamming everyone in the dark main events now.

    • Y2J

      I want to see him do that so bad.

      • B-Dazzle

        Yeah heres Dragon doing the chokeslam to Fahn-Dahn-Gooo!

        Kane: “I can’t believe he does the chokeslam better then i do….”

  • What I don’t get is why no mention of what happen in Boston today I mean nothing I mean TNA Dixie Carter and all the wrestlers there said something online but nothing from the WWE and hell John C from Boston I just don’t get that at all

    • BANE

      Yeah, what’s up with that. A moment of silence at least to start off RAW. Hope they get those [email protected], stupid, senseless morons. Hope those in critical condition make it out ok. My thoughts and prayers go out to anybody affected. Peace!

  • How many more freaking times is Seth Rollins going to hit Cena with a damn Chair to get The Shield disqualified seriously? Is like every damn week is says the same thing what happend after RAW

  • Would it be the end of the world if the heels ended the night? Not all fans go home happy when Cena is victorious.

    • -DA


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