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What Happened with Punk-Ryback II?, Indy Diva Tryout Confirmed, Belding, SmackDown

– The next Pro Wrestling Syndicate event in November will feature actor Dennis “Mr. Belding” Haskins wrestling against PWS Champion Kevin Matthews.

– According to Trendrr.TV, Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown scored a 78,605 in social media activity, up from the previous week.

PWInsider confirms recent reports that independent women’s wrestler Brittney Savage took part in the recent WWE developmental tryout camp in Tampa.

– The second-ever Ryback vs. CM Punk match took place at last night’s WWE Supershow in Jackson, Tennessee. Like Friday night, Ryback won this match by DQ. Punk caused this DQ by hitting Ryback with a steel chair after using a low-blow on Friday night.

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  • Sign her, she and AJ got history from their indy days.

  • Joseph

    I hate how the greatest guy WWE has in Punk has to constantly look weak against non-wrestlers like Ryback.

  • maxpower

    @Joseph look weak? more like look real, look at Ryback and look at Punk who would win in a real fight?

  • SamoaJoeFTW

    @ Joseph – that is wrestling bro – at the height of Punks ‘face’ push Cena couldn’t beat him – tried a few times and Punk always proved himself a little better, as a heel we suddenly are lead to believe that he fluked out at NoC and is now scared to enter HIAC with him. That is the lot of the heel megastar…

  • Kayfabe fan

    @maxpower remember who got ass handed to him in the backstage fight between jericho and goldberg…
    Yup don’t judge by the looks
    P.s isn’t punk a martial arts guy

  • luis

    i also seem to remember yoshi tatsu fucking up sheamus

  • Bane

    Yeah but even Jericho says he got lucky, that he wouldn’t try it again. But agree that looks r misleading, shit the greatest fighter of the 20th Century was 5’7″, Bruce Lee. CM PUNK!!!!!

  • Why am I thumbed down?

  • Rybork

    Joseph, its still real to you, isn’t it? Cm Punk beating Ryback clean at this point of Ryback’s career would be the stupidest thing ever, Ryback’s meant to be the next big thing, how the hell does losing to a heel help in building him up as that?

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