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What Is Pac’s WWE Name?, More on His First Match; WWE Interviews Russo, nWo DVD News

– As noted before, WWE will release “nWo: The Revolution” via DVD and Blu-ray on November 6th. An early preview on WWEDVDNews.com reveals that WWE interviewed Lex Luger and Vince Russo, among others, for the DVD. There are other new interviews but a lot of the footage, including comments from Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall, were taken from WWE’s previous release on the nWo.

In an item that wasn’t previously reported when we posted the content listing, the Blu-ray version will include several of the “paid for by the nWo” skits that aired from 1997 to 1999.

– We noted before that top independent wrestler Pac has arrived in WWE developmental and wrestled Dean Ambrose at Friday night’s NXT live event in West Palm Beach. Pac’s first match actually came on October 24th in Orlando as he teamed with Trent Baretta to lose to the team of Max Bauer and Corey Graves.

The new ring name WWE developmental officials have given Pac is Ben Sacilly. His real name is Ben Satterly.

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  • Real Kosher

    lol ben sacilly…right…ok…that’ll last

  • TheInstantClassic9

    @Real Kosher,

    Who cares? It’s close to his real name. The good thing is that he’s finally gonna showcase what he has now in developmental. Same with the name “Seth Rollins” or “Daniel Bryan.” Don’t just push it off to the side so quick.

  • Jackson

    I agree with Real Kosher. The WWE really give so many shit names to their stars.

  • Mick

    One shining example of WWE and names is Dolph Ziggler. When thinking of the name alone, it’s pretty bad, goofy too since it’s inspired from Boogie Nights. However, the man behind the name, makes it so it doesn’t matter what he’s called, as long as he’s performing at a high level. In Dolph’s case, he does. Having seen PAC, I bet it will be the same case, at least he gets to use his own first name.

    Besides, PAC in WWE minds will make people think of X-Pac. Can’t have that.

  • RCmaster305

    i dont care what is name is i just cant wait to see him in action

  • Gasparilla

    Have any of you guys ever seen the YouTube parody of Optimus Prime’s return, where he renames Bumblebee, Goldenbug? And there is another character that is old and jokingly says he feels like Sh** and Optimus laughs and takes him seriously and says his new name will be Sh**box. WWE’s naming of some of their talent almost sounds like that to me. Like somebody makes a joke name up and everyone else takes them seriously and likes it and they just go with that.

  • Z…..

    all those in favor of bugs bunny *everyone raises hand* and all those in favor of ephram the retarded rabbit…

  • Hawkins

    You know most of the guys you guys are talking about choose their own names right? and agreed RCmaster305…

  • Raphael

    If I ever became a wrestler what would my ring name be??? I mean, my name is Raphael Benoit De Paula…….. Sure they would erradicate my Benoit.

  • mark

    @Raphael, your ringname would be Paula. PAULA!

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