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What’s Up with Flair?, Tensai Talks Wearing Lingerie, “Fear The Fury” for Lesnar

– WWE has released a new “Fear The Fury” t-shirt for Brock Lesnar:

Lesnar Fear The Fury

– Tensai tweeted the following about having to wear lingerie on last night’s RAW from Las Vegas:

“It’s entertainment folks. Love it or hate it you couldn’t look away. Btw, under wires suck!!”

– Ric Flair is currently in California after flying back from Japan with a blood clot this weekend. Flair’s leg is in pain and although not confirmed, he likely has seen a doctor since returning to the States. Flair’s issue was that he didn’t want to be put up in a Japanese hospital. Flair is still planning to do autograph appearances in Vegas later this week. WWE wanted him at this week’s TV tapings but he obviously wasn’t at RAW last night and probably won’t be at the SmackDown tapings tonight.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

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  • IamLisa

    Tensai is the biggest flop in WWE history. Bringing him back to the company was ill-advised, from both a business and an entertainment perspective.
    Vinny Mac, it’s time to count your loses and admit it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/michael.agri.5 Michael Agri

      The man behind Tensai is awesome, his gimmick just doesn’t work for today’s WWE.

  • RKO 2 Everyone

    CM Punk, Chris Jericho & Brock Lesnar all have Better T-Shirts than Fruity Pebbles Cena lol

    • Y2J

      They put more work in these guys’ shirts because little kids (and the stupid h03 Lisa) are the only ones that’ll buy them, just the fact that it says “John Cena” or “Never Give Up” in a random color is good enough for them. Real people like us actually care what it looks like lol

      • IamLisa

        Shut up you little pathetic child. Read your books instead of arguing with adults on a wrestling site.
        I wasn’t even commenting on this site before I turned 18 in November last year.
        Get that into your empty 14-year-old skull.

        • Y2J

          Your so funny -_-

        • zip

          So you are still a child. That probably explains your delusional posts then.

          • http://www.facebook.com/michael.agri.5 Michael Agri

            Agreed. It’s trolltastic how pissy IamLisa gets.

        • UMpunkBLN

          not sure if master troll or most retarded wh0re on this planet

          • IamLisa


  • CMmox


  • Real Deal

    I don’t get all the ‘poor tensai’ comments (not necessarily on this post, but elsewhere). The guy is a veteran, and is probably getting paid better to wear lingerie and lose in squash matches than he was punishing his body over in Japan. I’d take that deal too any day of the week. Not like the rest of his career wasn’t impressive.

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