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When Might Ric Flair Return to WWE?, WWE’s Mt. Rushmore, Ultimo Dragon

– WWE has added former WCW Cruiserweight Champion Ultimo Dragon to their Alumni page.

– Earlier in the week WWE let fans pick which Superstars would be featured on WWE’s version of Mount Rushmore. The legends selected were John Cena, Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker.

– Wrestling INC reports that while nothing is confirmed, WWE officials are hopeful that Ric Flair will legally be able to join them in January or February as WrestleMania season heats up.

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  • Lisa

    I don’t wanna see Ric Flair back in the WWE. He is obviously one of the all time greats but he is way too old now. Retirement homes need him more than we do.

  • later marks

    How isn’t The Rock there?
    Should be SCSA, Taker, Hogan, and The Rock.

  • me

    John cena a legend? Don’t you have to have to at least be nearing the end of your career to be considered a legend.

  • Brody Lawrence

    I like Cena all right but on a WWE Mt. Rushmore? C’mon man!! What Gen. Y pre-pubsecents chose him? How about Rock, Shawn Michaels, Andre, or Bruno Sammartino?

  • Opie

    Cena is a Joke NOT a Legend

  • Lisa

    Look at this idiots shamelessly whining like babies. John Cena is already a legend, a big legend for that matter. It doesn’t matter if he is still an active member of the roster. He has been the undisputed main man in pro wrestling since 2005 and will continue to be the top guy till he hangs up his boots. You can bitch as you wish, it won’t change facts. Cena is already a LEGEND.

  • The Rock

    a legend up ur arse Lisa.. thats where he belongs..

  • me

    I didn’t even need to read who wrote that pro-cena comment. I already knew who it was judging by the attitude and dislikes.

  • EC

    My Mount Rushmore List: Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, SCSA, Ric Flair

    My Mount Jokemore List: John Cena, Santino Marella, Hulk Hogan and Dusty Rhodes in polka dots

  • Brendan

    Randy Savage should be in wwe’s mount rushmore not cena .

    it should be :

    Bret Hart , Shawn Michaels, Randy Savage, Undertaker. Hogan should not even be there, I know he was vinces boy back in the day , but he is with TNA/IW now . Then again every one except Taker is Vinces Boy. I can see why they put Taker there, with the Streak at Wrestlmania, but the other 3 joined Vinnie Mac’s Kiss My Ass Club along time ago and are members 4 life .

  • SdotC

    Bruno, Hogan, Austin and idk about #4. Definitely not Cena, but by default would that make Triple H the guy of the 2000s to be represented? Idk. I suppose Taker would be okay but he was never THE man in the WWE. Throw Bret or Shawn in for #4, or maybe Andre.

  • Austin

    Your mom liked me on Facebook

  • Guy

    @Lisa John Cena may have accomploshed a lot but he is no legend….

  • Y2J

    My list would be: SCSA, HBK, The Rock, and Taker

  • tim

    the reason john cena is there is because he is the current face of the company. why wouldn’t they call the current face of the company a legend? whether you like him or not, you have to be able to recognize that perception is reality in wrestling and this is an example of that.

  • rob

    Mt. Rushmore should be Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, and Undertaker

  • Z…..

    not in any order, but I think HBK, Austin, Bruno, Hogan, Bret Hart, Undertaker should all be there. Limit that list to four somehow I guess

  • FreshCorn

    John Cena’s a LEGEND? r u kidding me ?? here’s my list: Stone Cold, Bret Hart, Randy Savage, HBK

  • John

    Here’s my WWE Mt. Rushmore

    Sammartino–the WWWF years & WWE’s 1st big star.
    Hogan–the Rock & Wrestling era
    Michaels–the New Generation
    Austin–the Attitude Era
    and I include a 5th head
    Undertaker–who spanned the Rock & Wrestling era to the present.

    Marvel at my brilliant insight.


    John Cena will never be a Legend. This guy is primarily only liked by kids and teen girls that don’t know any better. I’m a Wrestling historian and I can safely say that he would NEVER be on the WWE Mount Rushmore of Pro Wrestling. Although, I DO like what he does for charity. That is to be commended. Not even Hulk Hogan either. We are talking about the greatest overall not the most popular in terms of mainstream success. Here is my WWE Mt. Rushmore:

    Ric Flair – (he made his career in the NWA and WCW and was more successful there be he is seen by most as being the greatest ever. So Flair has to be there! And hopefuly he will be back as the new GM pretty soon. We desperately NEED some believability in the WWE and who is better than Flair?!)

    Roddy Piper – (Ultimate heel! Should have been a World champ. Few could entertain and perform on the mic better than Piper.)

    Shawn Michaels (learned from the best(Ric Flair) and probably has more 5 star matches than anyone. Excellent technical wrestler and believable.)

    Steve Austin (the rebellious, nonconformist attitude is what really made this guy popular during the “attitude era”. Redneck or not, people who choose to live life as they wish can relate to Austin. He is most likely the primary reason for the WWE’s immense popularity during the “attitude era” and the winning of the Monday Night Wars.)

    If a 5th head was included: Triple H, Randy Savage Taker, or The Rock. Take your pick. Personally, I would probably go with the Macho Man.

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