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Which Shield Member Is Most Likely To Become First WWE Champion?, WWE Superstars Highlights

– The official WWE website has issued a poll asking fans which member of The Shield is most likely to become the first WWE Champion. Roman Reigns is currently leading the poll with 51% of the vote, with Dean Ambrose (35%) and Seth Rollins (14%) trailing.

– This week on WWE Superstars, The Real Americans take on Tons of Funk in the feature match. Plus, Damien Sandow teams up with Big E Langston to take on the team of Justin Gabriel and Zack Ryder. Highlights from both bouts are available below.

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  • John Cena 2004

    I think it will be Dean Ambrose first then Roman Reigns

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    What! Dean Ambrose should come first!.

  • Alpha_Omega

    I personally think all 3 have what it takes to be WWE Champion… whether or not WWE does remains to be seen…..

    But as to being the first WWE Champion out of the Shield, I would have to say Dean Ambrose.

  • D.M.T

    Dean Ambrose will be WWE Champion first.

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      You’re right

  • tt2000

    Seth Rollins is in third place because the world is full of idiots. He’s clearly the most well rounded of the three and the most ready.

    • YM5

      no Dean is definitely the most well rounded, Seth is the best wrestler and Roman has the look

      • tt2000

        No. Dean Ambrose is probably in the top 5 worldwide as far as promo ability but his ring work, while solid, is not good or exciting enough to carry the huge responsability of being the WWE champion. His offense is so goddamn boring and he can’t even get great matches with awesome guys like Kofi and Ziggler. Seth Rollins on the other hand was made to carry championships. He’s only been in the main roster for a year but is already Top 5 in ring work, only behind guys like Punk, Bryan and Cesaro (not counting part timers like Taker, Lesnar and HHH). He’s a super babyface and an effective heel. His promos are as good as they have ever been and he’s even better as a face so he’s more than qualified. On top of that he seems to really enjoy the spotlight and high-pressure situations.

        • YM5

          Dean’s work now is being orchestrated, he’s always been very methodical and cerebral (which is astounding that he got that over in the indys) but he has, as everybody has, had his moveset stunted I feel once he breaks out he’ll definitely be given more range ala Bryan and he will flourish. But if you wanna talk boring a Seth Rollins promo is as good as a ambient prescription

  • Devon

    Reigns has the look, decent wrestler & decent MIC skills. Rollins is a perfect wrestler & has decent MIC skills. Dean has amazing MIC skills and is a great wrestler. Dean is the best in the shield

  • sonik

    Dean will be multi-time Champ, Seth would be a good WWE Champ and Reigns… he has the size but his skin is darker (Samoan carnation) so he probably won’t be WWE Champ (unless something will change) but I think that he will be World Heavyweight Champ in future.

    • [B]ANExx

      Yeah no one would EVER go for a Samoan champion, they would never allow such an individual to electrify them, they would never allow themselves to smell what such an individual was cooking…

      See what I did there? :)


    I agree with the poll. I say Reigns takes it first simply because he has “the look” and he’s related to The Rock. Other than that, as Alpha_Omega said, all three of them have what it takes to be WWE Champion.

  • Z….

    Poll is an example of the stupidity in the masses of the casual fans

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