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Who Attacked Ryback at Survivor Series?, Renee Works Hype Show, More

- Renee Paquette co-hosted the WWE Survivor Series hype show with Scott Stanford tonight. Paquette is a new hire from The Score in Canada.

– For those who missed the YouTube pre-show, the match saw Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater defeat Zack Ryder and Santino Marella. Drew McIntyre was at ringside with 3MB.

– The men who interfered in tonight’s WWE Survivor Series main event to attack Ryback were NXT Champion Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.

– CM Punk retained his title at Survivor Series tonight, making it 365 days as WWE Champion.

  • Opie

    Who else marked out?

  • JMoneyMoneyMoney

    I Know I sure did!

  • John

    I pretty much creamed myself awesome pay perview … & i give props to ryback for holding his own in this match & John cena & punk always put on good matched

  • Tommy

    People act like the PPV was awesome just because the main event was good. I could kill your family, throw shit at your face, and call you ugly, then give you your favorite ice cream at the end of the day. That ice cream gonna make you think I’m nice?

  • Brandon

    I did so stoked. the ppv wasn’t the greatest, the opening match stole the show, but I’m excited for the future, and the future with Seth, Dean, and now Roman looks bright to me.

  • John

    Did we watch the same show? SS ssucked out loud! None of the matches were particularly good. As for the main event WWE has sunk to a new low. Not only have they mortalized Ryback but they’re either copying TNA again by copying Aces & 8s without masks or they’re doing a Nexus re-hash. Either way, not impressed. Lousy show. LOU-SY!

  • Edward

    You do realize people can have an opinion which differs from your own right?

  • Klever Coslov

    Kassius Ohno should be there instead of Roman Reigns.

  • John

    i think the other John the one that talked about SS sucks is Lisa secretly in disguise

  • John

    ^Nope, John Michael is the name and telling it like it is what I do. And what I do is put WWE fanboys in their place who think TNA copies everything from WWE while wearing blinders to their own company’s flaws and mimicry. Anyone who thinks Survivor Series was great is WWE fanboy/girl extreme who forgot what a good PPV looks like.

  • Y2J

    I thought Survivor Series was pretty good, great opening match and great commentary for JBL as always.

  • Kedo2

    SO 3 men are out of NXT to WWE, 5 more are our of NXT rooster. New members are comin ?

  • Kedo2

    ^^ *5 more are out of …

  • Josh

    Yeah survivor series sucked but ill give it a thumbs up because Dean F’N AMBROSE

  • Brandon

    John if your going to be a confrontational ass and constantly talk people down for having a different opinion than you then we are going to have a problem, this site doesn’t need more of that. I didn’t put up with Lisa’s crap and I won’t put up with yours. I enjoyed bits of the ppv, the opening tag match was great, the WWE championship match was booked well and I’m excited for the debuts of Seth Dean and Roman.

  • Chelsii.

    Lisa must be crying somewhere.

  • Mike

    Enjoyed the PPV as a whole. Sure, the endings were a bit iffish between the main event and Show/Sheamus, but it works. In the end, Punk retains thankfully, and in a cheap fashion like I was assuming, and Rollins and Ambrose debuted, doesn’t get any better. :) As for John, there’s nothing wrong with anyone here having an opinion without you being an ass about it. “Putting WWE fanboys in their place?” Get real, and get a life, last thing we need is a new Lisa who thinks they’re right and everyone else is wrong.

  • Y2J

    Before I realized who was attacking Ryback, I was like “Are you F’N kidding me? Rouge security guards? Come on.” Then I realized it was them and was like “Holy s#!t! This is awesome!”

  • Mr. Durp

    The first Survivor Series tag match, Big Show vs. Sheamus, the the main event were worth it. I say overall an okay PPV.

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