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Who Did AJ Lee Burn The Worst In Raw Tirade?, WWE Overhauls Production Facility, The JBL & Cole Show

– Monday’s Raw saw AJ Lee unleash a scathing “pipe bomb” towards her fellow Divas as she passionately complained they were handed opportunities she had to sacrifice for. “You’re all worthless excuses for women, and you will never be able to touch me,” said Lee in her promo. “And that’s reality.” The official WWE website has issued a poll asking fans which person did she burn the worst during her tirade—The Bella Twins, The Funkadactyls, Natalya, Eva Marie, JoJo, or Tyson Kidd.

Though The Bella Twins were not specifically referenced in Lee’s tirade, they are currently leading the poll at 40%. They are trailed by Natalya, and Tyson Kidd, who she labeled as “not much of a man” based on his dealings with Natalya on Sunday’s episode of Total Divas.

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– TVTechnology.com has published an article on WWE recently completing a major upgrade of it technical operations center in Stamford, Connecticut that included “HD ingest and edit rooms, QC and transmission, core router replacement and upgrade, and Audio Post 3, the newest 5.1 surround sound audio suite in the facility.”

WWE commissioned a company in Mahopac, New York to upgrade the center.

“WWE brought me in to do my thing, within the budget, not to give them more than they needed, but not undershoot either,” said Francis Manzella of Design Limited. “They gave me complete freedom in the design of the new room. I was told not to duplicate the old room [that Audio 3 replaced] nor the other audio post rooms in the facility.”

For additional details on the upgrade, click here.

– John “Bradshaw” Layfield revealed on Twitter that this week’s episode of The JBL & Cole Show was filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada, the site of last night’s SmackDown taping.

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  • Aaron

    AJ is the most complete Diva in WWE! She’s a good wrestler and can act! She can sell any emotion that she is required sell!

  • Dylan Van den Elsen

    lol i thought the part where AJ said that they sucked up to the right person was the biggest burn, she put a little pause in there inferring it wasnt so much sucking up….

    • Aaron

      The “You can’t lace up my Chuck Taylors” was the best line!

  • Aaron

    I bet once she left the stage, Vince and HHH told her that was one of the best Diva promos ever!

    I also bet the Bellas were scolded for being annoying and loud, they at times interfered with people on TV or live in the arena from hearing!

    • james

      It obviously was a work, it was so she can be in total divas for season 2.

      Also, I would think AJ is smart enough to realize you do not mess with John Cena’s woman, and even Daniel Bryan’s for that matter. They are both higher up, and according to wwe, you can’t mess with Cena’s woman.

      For Example, Look at Kenny Dykstra. He stated he got fired becuase cena banged his fiancee, Mickie James. If it was a shoot, the bellas would complain to cena, and aj would be fired immediatley for publicly humiliating the bellas

  • Devon

    AJ is a goddess

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