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Who Got the RAW Low This Week?, Did Big Show’s Opener Draw Fans?, More

– As noted before, the October 15th WWE RAW scored a 2.81 cable rating with 3.98 million viewers. The rating was almost identical from the previous week but viewers were down 123,000.

In the segment breakdown, the opener with Big Show did a 2.82 quarter rating which is lower than most RAW openers. Show vs. Daniel Bryan gained 73,000 viewers. The CM Punk and Vince McMahon segment with Brodus Clay vs. Alberto Del Rio gained 161,000 viewers. Zack Ryder and Santino Marella vs. Titus O’Neil and Darren Young lost 427,000 viewers.

Ryback vs. Dolph Ziggler and David Otunga gained 512,000 viewers for a 3.04 quarter rating in the 9pm timeslot. Justin Gabriel vs. Antonio Cesaro and Kane vs. Matt Striker lost 354,000 viewers. The segment with Kofi Kingston and The Miz lost 105,000 viewers. Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett gained 279,000 viewers in the 10pm timeslot.

Layla vs. Eve Torres plus backstage segments lost 53,000 viewers. Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes vs. Primo and Epico lost 443,000 more viewers. The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston lost 3,000 viewers and did a 2.56 quarter rating, the lowest of the show. The final segment with Vince, Ryback, Punk and John Cena gained 766,000 viewers for a 3.10 overrun rating.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Lisa

    John Cena is ratings. I dont care what haters say but without him WWE wouldn’t be what it is today. Am Cena’s biggest fan and am proud of it.

  • glitch

    lisa, get ready for the marks to attack. they’re gonna reguritate their crap about cena being forced down our throats even though it’s clear they never change the channel like they claim to do whenever he’s on tv, they are gonna say how he can’t wrestle like their heroes daniel byran and cm punk even though they never give those much more entertaining wrestlers the same consistant +500,000 gains that cena gets every time he is on tv. they want anybody but cena yet we’ve been reading these breakdowns forever and the numbers never add up. of course some idiot is going to tell you that it’s the kids. we’re suppose to believe that there’s a big disparity amongst the adult and kid viewership, and that is the little kids that are staying up to 11’olock at night driving the wwe viewership. watch the delusion in action.

  • Rg41982

    I know cena is popular but I hate ratings it just seems like its not to accurate. I hardly watch any shows straight when there’s a commercial I change the channel. Does the nfl be like that and what about a half hour show? What I’m rambling about is its just not to accurate to a rating novice.

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    Glitch, I couldn’t have put it better myself. I just don’t get what the Cena haters are after. Cena may not be the best technical wrestler but he is as strong as a bear, both physically and mentally. He works harder than anyone on the roster and brings in more bucks than anyone else. He is great on the mic, has good looks and is entertaining. That is the perfect package in my book. The Punk and Bryan marks should be ashamed of themselves.

  • rob

    God this Lisa bitch is an annoying cena cock sucker

  • Rg41982

    Get off her tits. You hating on a female? No pussy getting ass. I guess y’all lames got the otunga views up. Fuck out of here wwe will be wack without cena that’s the truth. They had to make a ryback to take his place. I guess y’all want Heath slater vs punk?

  • Lisa

    Shut up rob. I am a Cena fan and am proud of it. Go suck CM Punk’s cock (if he has one).

  • Lisa

    Shup up rob. Go suck CM Punk’s cock (if he has one).

  • Kerwin White is 3:16

    Everyone’s got a right to their opinion, no need to call someone a bitch because they don’t share yours.
    I think the issue is that WRESTLING fans, who, in the landscape of WWE, are a minority, and not the WWE’s target audience, prefer wrestling, and wrestlers, over Entertainment and Superstars. These are people who’ve seen true wrestling matches from Japan (youtube “Kenta vs Marufuji” for example), older ROH stuff, some indie stuff, etc…and realize that WWE does not, by any stretch of the imagination, put on the best, and most exciting WRESTLING matches. They do a GREAT job of building characters and stars, with wrestling as the landscape, but they don’t corner the market on amazing wrestling matches. So when a guy like Cena, who was a great character for years, but isn’t the most talented in the ring, holds reign over WWE for some 10 years, while other, more talented, wrestlers get less push or focus, this frustrates fans of actual wrestling, who ARE a minority, and don’t really influence ratings that much.
    I still kinda like the Cena character, and that suicide dive he pulled on Punk at the last ppv – though sloppy – was a good effort, but I cannot UNSEE the awesome wrestling I’ve seen from other, better wrestlers and promotions, and I can’t UN-KNOW the fact that, for example, Daniel Bryan at his best can put on a WAY better wrestling match than Cena.
    In a nutshell.

  • Fritz

    Spongebob gets huge numbers. Is that children or another delusion, idiot?

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