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Who Is TNA’s New Female Investor?, Scoop on Al Snow & TNA, Hernandez

– They announced on iMPACT this past Thursday that Hernandez will be receiving a future TNA World Title match after his last shot was interrupted by The Main Event Mafia.

– The story from within TNA regarding Al Snow is that Vince Russo wanted to bring him back in a prominent role but Jeff Jarrett wasn’t big on the idea.

– Out of all the e-mails I’ve gotten on who TNA’s secret female investor may be, most of you guys think it’s going to end up being Karen Angle. It would be interesting to see if they played off the Angle divorce but I don’t see a lot of sense being made out of having two face “investors” who are against The Main Event Mafia. The other two names that people have e-mailed in the most are Victoria and Torrie Wilson. I’d have to go with Karen Angle out of those three, it makes more sense.

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  • allen

    bwahahah TNA make sense? man that was a good one

  • SummerSlam96

    lol hahahaha yeah you’re right

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