Who Might Join Team Foley?, Barrett Talks His Fists, Swagger Wrestles Top Dutch Star

- Wade Barrett was asked on Twitter why he wraps his knuckles. He replied:

“I wrap my fists, but my knuckles are always bare. Wrapping my fists compacts the metacarpal bones in my hand, which leads to a harder punching surface and a reduced risk of injury.”

- The local wrestler who Jack Swagger defeated before Tuesday’s WWE TV tapings in Birmingham was Dutch wrestler Emil Sitotci. Sitotci was trained by NXT star Kassius Ohno, Mike Quackenbush and Mexican star Jorge Rivera. Sitotci has been wrestling since 2001.

- WWE officials are considering having The Miz as the final member of Team Foley at Survivor Series. Miz could be in line for a babyface run or there may be a swerve in the works with him staying as a heel.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • me

    Face run for the miz!

  • Richie

    Face turn for Miz…his heel persona is getting a bit stale…something new needs to be done with him…especially if they are bringing him back towards main event status!

  • Lisa

    I second that. Miz is awesome.

  • Rybork Laserback

    Turn him face, he needs a change. But please, DO NOT send him back to main event. sorry but he is simply not main event material. His last run was terrible and he looked really out of place with Cena and Rock. The guy screams mid-card.

  • Jarryn

    In the same vein as this article on The Miz, I’d like to state/predict that the sun will rise tomorrow morning. Or, it might not.

  • Hawkins

    so maybe he joins Team Foley screws Kofi and then that feud continues…

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    As much as I’d like to see that face run for Miz (or, failing that, for Jack Swagger to reappear as a face and join the team), I’m intrigued by the swerve idea. I get the sense that a lot of people really want to be able to cheer Miz without, I suppose, breaking kayfabe (since he’s a heel and heels are supposed to be booed). To offer that chance only to yank it away from them at the last second would probably make Miz able to draw massive heat.

    But I’d favor the face turn for Miz. Throw the audience a bone for once. The WWE needs this to restore the balance of the Force. Well, sorry for the Star Wars reference, but what I mean by that is the star power in WWE has been very heavy on the heel side for the last few years and they need a big face turn to counter that.

  • Z…..

    I dont know what it is. I just dont like the Miz. I dont see it. To me, he is another Cena that would be even worse as a face. I think at times he is decent on the mic, but he is just really stale to me. I think that in the ring, he has gotten a lot better over the years, but I still dont like it. His finisher is garbage, as I have said before, and he just doesnt do anything that wows me. I think that his matches are always a lot better when he is in the ring with somebody who can really work. So pretty much. I dont like the Miz

  • Fuck Off

    I am all for a babyface turn for Miz. He’s been a heel for so long that there really isn’t anymore to be done with the character.

  • Z…..

    I legit meant that in question form. Can someone explain to me what I am not seeing

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