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Daniel Bryan Replacing CM Punk at Comic-Con, Latest WWE Inbox Episode

– Below is the latest episode of WWE Inbox features wrestlers discussing their workout routines, as well as which Superstar should have their own reality show.

– As noted earlier, Punk has apparently been pulled from his upcoming appearance at the Wizard World Comic Con in Nashville, Tennessee on Sunday, October 20th. Daniel Bryan is now being advertised to appear that day, and he will be signing autographs and taking pictures before participating in a Q&A.

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  • nice, so Daniel Bryan is now the guy that does all the functions.

    • D.M.T

      Bryan is the face of WWE thats why. Punk is nice but he can never be #1 in WWE

      • Chelsii?

        You’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel of stupid.

        • D.M.T

          Don’t be mad because the so called best in the world isn’t #1 in WWE. Admit it Chelsii, Punk is good but not that damn good.

      • Macho Man

        John Cena is still the the #1 face of WWE. If your talking current guys on tour I would still put Punk ahead of Bryan as being the #2 face of WWE followed by Bryan. Bryan’s just in the main storyline right now.

        • D.M.T

          I disagree. Bryan surpassed CM Punk’s popularity this year and is the only one between him and Punk who has beaten Cena cleanly. Punk won his match at Money in the bank 2011 after Cena was distracted by Vince. If Bryan isn’t number 1 than he’s at the very least number 2 in the company. CM Punk is now #3

          • Mrs. Ambrose

            I agree right now I think it is Daniel Bryan

          • Macho Man

            I respect your opinion and at the end of the day we all just give our opinions. Though to offer a reply to your opinion I would say the reason WWE powers that be gave Daniel Bryan a “clean” win over Cena was to help get him get over with the WWE fans. Punk never needed the “clean” win over Cena because he was already over with the WWE fans. Punk could just as well be in the main storyline right now without the storyline missing a beat.This next part will bother the Daniel Bryan fans but in my OPINION his YES/NO chant is so over with the fans WWE would have to be deaf, dumb and stupid to not put him in the main storyline and maximize his push right now. And I am not saying that Bryan hasn’t earned it because he has earned it. At the end of the day I still have to rank it #1 Cena, #2 Punk, #3 Bryan.

      • Chrislis Tei

        Not sure about that but Bryan’s certainly more over than Punk… for now.

  • Trinot Grigio

    WOW… Can’t believe this is even a debate. The reason WWE is sending Bryan is because they want him to meet people face to face, so fans CAN get to know him… Punk doesn’t need it. Unless you’ve been living under a rock and don’t realize you can’t even hear yourself think because of the CM PUNK chant! The yells its almost like cult following. I remember when all the fans chanted ” feed me more” and how everyone thought Cena’s replacement was imminent but it didn’t work out that way. So the “YES” “NO” chants are over but is Bryan really over.

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