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Who Will Announce WWE HIAC?, Vince & Linda Political News, Zack Ryder

– Zack Ryder will be signing copies of WWE DVD’s at the FYE store in Levittown, New York on December 28th at 3pm.

– JBL noted on Twitter that he will be announcing Sunday’s WWE Hell In a Cell pay-per-view with Jim Ross and Michael Cole if the weather from Hurricane Sandy allows him to fly out of Bermuda.

– The Associated Press reported on Friday that Linda McMahon has spent $42.6 million on her current Senate campaign for the state of Connecticut. The AP adds that Linda loaned her campaign another $3.3 million this past week.

On a related note, new FEC filings reveal that Vince McMahon donated $2,500 to the political campaign of Connecticut politician Andrew Roraback, who is running for Congress.

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  • Chelsii.

    Pretty sure Vince ‘woke up’ from his ‘coma’ saying he hates politics that one time.

  • Lisa

    I respect JR but I don’t like him. He (and Lawler) should just retire and give young announcers like Matt Striker the chance to shine. I have no problem with Cole, Josh or JBL though.

  • EC

    So Lisa hates two of the greatest announcers in history. Why am I not surprised?

  • Mick

    Matt Striker isn’t young. He’s 38.

  • Lisa

    Mick, you don’t understand the meaning of “context”, do you? For an announcer, a 38-year-old is a very young man. That is because he could and should work for the next 20+ years. Take the example of our president for example. Isn’t he considered young, yet he is 51? At that age, he would be considered an old man if he were a football player. I hope I have helped educate your ignorant ass. Now please clap for me.

  • Cee Jaih

    Lisa your so dumb

  • harshbaid

    what does being an announcer have to do with age?? it’s announcing not wrestling anyone who is capable can do it irrespective of their fucking age

  • matthew

    lawler has been sht since 2004

  • stone cold

    @ cee jaih.lisa is not dumb.shes a dumb fuckin asshole.and ps.matt stiker got fired because he almost said SHIT. at the rr 2011.when kevin nash returnd. so he can do ppv anymore. bummer

  • Christian

    i hve to agree with lisa here i enjoyed striker more on commentary than lawler i dont why and after sufferin from heart aatack he should avoid travelling anyway
    and jr shld do what he is doing right now searching new talent
    and put them over in nxt by his commentary

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