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Who Will Dominate WWE’s World Title Picture?, Backstage Fallout from SmackDown

– Below is the latest episode of WWE Backstage Fallout from SmackDown:

– While Big Show captured the World Heavyweight Title from Sheamus at Hell In a Cell, it’s said that Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler will dominate the World Title picture in early 2013.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

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  • Apacaveli

    You Know What Smackdown’s Been Boring Lately Same Old Recycled Matches How Bout Put Ryback On Smackdown And Let Ryback Win The World Title From Big Slow…

  • Rybork Laserback

    Smackdown’s future looks good imo. Big Show/Sheamus have a pretty good feud going on right now. Then there’s Orton’s heel turn coming up, also the possibility of Dolph Ziggler cashing in. Next year hopefully Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes join the picture.

  • Lisa

    Big Show has busted his ass for years with very little reward so it is his time to finally enjoy a deserved long title reign. His reign should end at WM 29 At the earliest. And why in hell would Dolph Ziggler be one of the guys to dominate the world title scene in 2013? He is not good enough to be a main-eventer. Midcarder for life.

  • me

    I’d rather Miz and Ziggler dominate in early 2013

  • Jay

    It is almost like Smackdown has been confused with what they want to do. First you would think they would want Del Rio to be champ, but he has has like 10 title opportunities so people stopped caring. Then they want Sheamus to be a star but his title reign is really forgetable compared to the ones in 2011. Orton wants to be a heel and Ziggler isn’t being pushed, and where the hell is Christian.

  • Rg41982

    Ziggler for champ in 2012 not 13. Big show deserves this run like mark Henry he has done every stupid dumb thing they can think of to him. And hell with candy ass randy.

  • Christian

    not bad these two guys work excellent matches together
    however this is the problem wwe is having 2 guys should never doninate world title picture especially when there are so many talented guys on the roster
    bacause repitition can makke world title picture boring

  • EC

    WWE have to forget ADR (and maybe Sheamus) for a while when it comes to the world title. Show has done so much for the company and he deserves something more than a transitional reign. If he loses it at Elimination Chamber, fine, but no earlier than that. And Randy and Dolph feuding if both have a heel/face turn would be good or at least, interesting no matter what Lisa says.

  • Chris

    Get ready for the Orton bashers moaning hes gonna get the title,even though hes been out of the title scene for over a year now and putting others over.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    It sounds like they’re setting up for an extended Orton/Ziggler rivalry. I hope they have a good handful of matches. Both Orton and Ziggler are solid in-ring workers on their own, but some pairings just work well together and become more than the sum of their parts, and I think this is true of Orton and Ziggler.

    And I agree with Chris. The way they’re treating the main event title scene now (i.e. more stability), it sounds like both Ziggler and Orton will get a good few months with it (note that they said EARLY part of 2013, which I imagine will be between RR and MITB). In my estimation, Orton with the title isn’t a bad thing because of what’s likely to come after it.

    Smackdown is loaded with talented heels ready to take the next step, and if Orton has the title (provided he’s still a face), it creates an opportunity to vault any one of those guys to the top by going over him. Ziggler’s the most obvious one, but what about Wade Barrett, Rhodes, Sandow or Miz (although I see Miz perhaps turning face soon)? ESPECIALLY Barrett. They didn’t say anything about the 2nd half of 2013, but I’ve got Barrett winning MITB next year. WWE wanted to give him the briefcase (and eventually the title) this year, but his elbow injury sort of messed up the plans. I think it’s less a matter of ‘if’ with Barrett, but ‘when’.

  • Big show wins at survivor series. Sheamus challenges one last time at TLC in a TLC match, and loses via interference from Dolph Ziggler. sheamus has a 4-6 week mini-feud and ziggler cashes in at Elimination chamber after Randy Orton has just won the title 3 minutes beforehand. this leads to Orton Vs Sheamus VS Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 29 ( Big Show isnt included because he faces Mark Henry aand brodus clay in a triple threat for the first ever superHevyweight title).

    i kinda got carried away lol, its slightly unrealistic but it might happen, and i think if it did happen that would be good.

  • oh and i forgot to add that while sheamus and ziggler are mini-feudind show faces orton for the WHC at the royal rumble

  • WeWantChristian

    Orton again? Yawn…. Christian and D-Bryan > Smackdown main event scene. And like others said, why not give Wade, Cody, Sandow and (get ready to hate) Zack Ryder that big push?

  • if its orton and ziggler, i don’t see orton turning heel at all then…unless they both switch sides….only face you got is sheamus, maybe christian if he comes back, and mark henry as well…

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    @WeWantChristian Cody and Sandow will be the next tag champs. Then they will split and probably have a rivalry afterward, since they’re a good tag team and WWE does that to all their good tag teams. Then Sandow will probably get a shot before Cody. That’s not really right because Cody’s been on the main roster so much longer, but WWE’s shown an aversion to putting the main event straps on anyone under the age of 30 (which excludes Ryder as well) Yes, it probably sounds like I pulled that number out of my ass, but history bears it out. Only 3 men have held the World Heavyweight Title while south of 30: Randy Orton (2004), CM Punk (2008), and Jack Swagger (also 2010). Their ages on the dates of their first title wins were 24, 29 (and 8 months), and 28. The longest of those three reigns (surprisingly) was Swagger at 82 days – in other words, about 3 PPVs and some change. Oh, and Punk and Swagger both won theirs by cash-in as opposed to a full match.

    Given the fact that WWE is leaning toward longer title reigns, they’re not going to put the strap on a new guy unless they feel good about him going forward with the title for a while.

    Cody Rhodes looks to be the fourth man to join the under-30 club for the WHC. Then again, he’s probably doing well for his age just to be on the main roster, let alone have 2 IC reigns and 4 tag reigns to his name (with #5 probably coming soon). He’ll likely have the Triple Crown wrapped up before his 30th birthday, and that’s a hell of an accomplishment.

    Wade is getting the push to some degree, but they have to sort of start over with him since he was on the shelf for so long. If he hadn’t gotten hurt, Wade would be where Dolph Ziggler is now. That said, I expect him to not be that far behind – like I said, it’s a matter of ‘when.’

    As for Ryder (and I like the guy) I’m frankly not sure why you included him in the argument. First off, he’s working mainly RAW side (and while Smackdown talents work RAW, it doesn’t happen the other way around). Second, like I stated before, he’s probably much too young by WWE’s estimation (27). Third and fourth, and I think these are the kicker, his moveset’s a bit narrow, and he’s the type of guy that, without a gimmick change, loses his novelty the moment he’s no longer the underdog. In other words, put the strap on him now and he runs the risk of being the second coming of John Cena.

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