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Who Will Replace Cena as WWE’s Top Guy?, Who Is Vince Looking At?, More Backstage News

– With 35 year old John Cena currently dealing with back, elbow, hip and neck issues, there has been a lot of talk for months about who is the next top guy for WWE. With Vince McMahon’s days likely numbered, some believe that the next top guy after Cena will be Vince’s last ever hand-picked top guy.

While Cena won’t be replaced as the top guy until his body breaks down or until the public tires of him, there is a feeling that you have to think about the future now as Vince has never gone with anyone older than 40 as his top guy because people think he cuts bait early and then moves on.

Vince has told both the traveling and non-traveling writing staff, as well as the RAW and SmackDown crews, that they are now to put emphasis on storylines and angles for Sheamus. The idea is that CM Punk is a heel and won’t be that top guy. Plus in their minds of what “the guy” is supposed to look like, Punk doesn’t fit. Triple H is also backing Sheamus because he’s big enough, dedicated enough and loyal enough. At the same time, many people feel Sheamus wouldn’t be right as the face of the company because of his character. Another downside to Sheamus is he’s almost 35 and if they are looking at grooming the next guy for Cena’s spot, they should be looking at someone who is 25 or so.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Chris

    How about Ziggler?

  • Executive Son

    Go for Cody

  • Chelsii.

    Back, hip, elbow and neck problems?

    Please give him a fucking vacation.

    CM Punk is easily carrying WWE at the moment.

  • peter

    damien sandow cody rhodes dolph ziggler daniel bryan are my picks
    i will kill vince if its ryback.

  • me

    Dolph, Cody, Tyson Kidd, The Miz, Ted Dibiase, Kofi Kingston etc
    The list goes on and on if who could be the next ‘top guy’ but Vince refuses to believe in em.

  • Bad News Bro

    As far as I’m concerned, Daniel Bryan is the only candidate worth considering.

    Punk is great, but he’s made it painfully clear that he’s not going to be working full time for another 5-10 years. Ziggler, as tremendous as he is, I feel, is better suited as a career-long villain, like Flair and others. Sheamus, I don’t have as much of a problem with as a lot of people, but he doesn’t have what it takes to CONNECT with people. Not saying that he can’t eventually develop it, but unless they want another “controversial figure” like Cena, it needs to be someone who the audience WANTS shoved down their throats (as Tommy Dreamer says, “It’s not gay, it’s pro-wrestling.”)

    Daniel Bryan is the most over guy in ANY wrestling company. And he’s a fucking heel. Punk, who last year became one of the most widely received stars to breakout in the past decade, is still able to get people to boo him and cheer for Cena, who’s never really been widely received. They can’t do that with Bryan. They have him shouting at the audience, disparaging them, at one point when he was with AJ, they’d have him verbally abuse her to make people uncomfortable and they STILL cheered him. I know I’m coming off like a total mark with this tirade, but I firmly believe that Daniel Bryan can and will be one of the greatest of all time so long as he stays healthy and they put faith in him as he’s only 30. The reason people cheer Punk, Ziggler, and a lot of the bad guys so much is because they’re more interesting than any of the guys who are supposed to be “the heroes”. Daniel Bryan is probably the only guy who can make that switch and still be interesting.

    Cut out the disparaging of the audience, let him keep his ridiculous sense of humor, have him vary with the Yeses and No’s depending on the given situation, and market him as the great technician that he is. That’s an interesting character, something most babyfaces are not these days. I have never understood the ideology of the “big guy” being your lead. Big guys are better heels. One of the most classic stories, not in just the Bible but all of literature, is David vs Goliath. Being small and still great at what you do, that shows heart, and it makes someone both more likable and relatable.

  • bomb

    Big LOL at the guy who said TYSON KIDD as WWE’s new top guy.

    You’re either very stupid or very funny.

  • Heisenberg

    Daniel Bryan?!? Maybe!?! Perhaps? #yesyesyes #nonono if Bryan would be as great as punk and Cena in the mic then will definitely be the next top guy. We all know he could wrestle anybody and it won’t be boring because of Bryan’s in ring ability.

  • Bad News Bro


    Though I wouldn’t say he’s at Punk or Cena’s level yet either, he’s already one of the best on the mic, up there with Cody and Ziggler. He wasn’t a year ago. Everything he’s doing now, outside of his ring work, has all been recently developed. In just a year, his verbal skills have progressed far more than Sheamus’s have in the 4 years that he’s been there.

    Again, it might come across as marky, but if anyone can give a valid argument as to why Bryan shouldn’t be their next go-to-guy, I’d very much like to hear it.

  • Cee Jaih

    Its gunna b Ryback cause Vince gets a boner everytime he sees him wrestle

  • Kayfabe fan

    Ziggler , rhodes , bryan , punk
    Sandow seems to be a heel for most of his career more than a face but he still have a chance
    ( btw all the guys mentioned are in mah fav five … Dawg )

  • GN-0015

    CM Punk doesn’t need to be a heel to be edgy and make people like him, let him be a tweener or bad-ass face like Stone Cold used to be and you can have a new face of the company. His tattoos can even amplify his bad-ass look. Just because he is small, doesn’t mean that fans won’t take him as the face of the company.

    Sheamus has the look and skills, both on the mic and in the ring, but he still has a lot to do before he can be “that guy”. Time is not on his side, but WWE should market Cena, Sheamus and Punk as the faces of the company at the same time. That way fans with different tastes can have their guy, and won’t get bored like how they got sick of seeing Cena being the face for a looooooooong time. They can be “the guys” for a few more years, enough time to build the likes of Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, and maybe Damien Sandow too.

  • maxpower

    Alot of you guys just named heels and wrestlers who cant draw mainstream. You guys need to pick a wrestlers who looks like a start and can work a good match. Pick a guy who could be a big star like Rock,Austin and Hogan.

  • Erwin

    sigh.. I don’t see the point of building 2 superman characters (but then again Sheamus is pretty much the Hulk of WWE). I suppose with WWE being PG they’d be stuck with the idea of a super character. Before Cena there were always 2-4 guys capable of being the face of WWE at one time now it’s always Cena, Cena, Cena despite the fact that real wrestling fans are already tired of him from a long time ago.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    I think it’s a mistake on WWE’s part to feel like they need “a guy”. For my part, there will always be about six go-to-GUYS that sort of carry the company in tandem, and in varying degrees depending on angles. I’m a bit surprised to hear that Sheamus isn’t seen to be a top guy because of his character. (If you want my honest opinion, I think that’s bullshit and that the REAL reason is because some of the WWE think tank wants that top guy to be an American. Just my two cents.)

    In any case, if it’s said that they want the next ‘guy’ being groomed to be in his mid-20s (since he’ll be late 20s-30 by the time Cena retires), I’m prepared to bet that he’s not yet prominent on the main roster. With Rhodes as essentially the only real exception (and maybe Ryder), everyone that’s featured prominently on TV for WWE right now is 30 and up.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    As for the Rhodes fans, I agree with you. But if I was thinking like the company guys think, I’d wonder first off if Rhodes wasn’t too small (not saying it’s right, but it is what it is), or that he’s just too good at being a heel to turn him face.


    I Think It Could Be Dolph Or Cody.
    Sheamus Has Only Been There Since Early 2010 And The Others Like Rey,Orton And Big Show Had There Time And Last Month Cody Rhodes Destroyed Sheamus But Now There Giving Him A New Tag….Or Heath Slater


    Plus John Wrestles Every Raw Show He Needs A Vacation

  • dbol

    if someone said 7 years ago who the face off wwe would be in the nesxt few years i would have said carlito, i felt he had everything and there was talk at the time when he was first turning face to push him to the top level. I think wwe lost site in a lot of talent in the 2007-2009 period but to me it showed that you never really know who will be the top guys in years to come,

  • later marks

    Dbry is too beat up.

    Ziggles is the obvious choice but why is nobody mentioning Seth Rollins?

  • Adam

    How old is Ziggler? As the article states they need someone 25 now, as Cena may hang around another 5 years, and hopefully will be allowed to reinvent himself if more people tire of the one dimensional character WWE gave him, meaning anyone 30 now may be 35 when Cena leaves, which is the only reason I don’t think it should be DBry, unless Cena leaves tomorrow. And while Punk is great as the alternate top guy, its hard to see him as the face of WWE. In my mind, it should be Ziggler. While he is a great heel, he can also be a great face and is up there with Eddie and Kurt as far as in ring and mic skills combined.
    Regardless as to who the next top guy is, WWE needs to give them more control over their character than Cena is given.

  • Adam

    Also Sheamus has been around since mid 09.

  • jayman


  • n/a

    What about Alex Riley?

  • MechaMew2

    Cena may be going on 35, but he still has time in him. Look at The Rock, who just turned 40 and is wrestling again. If he can do it, so can Cena.

  • tomtom

    i would have cody, kofi, and dolph bulk up just a tad. those are the 3 eventual faces of the company. cody would be arrogant mega heel 1. he would somewhat align himself with kofi – arrogant mega heel 2 (evil jamaican accent and all). their mighty arrogance will compel dolph to see himself in a new light, turning him into a mega face and a new champion of the people.

  • oracle3000

    seth rollins. guy has the whole package and fits the age requirement


    Ziggler is just months younger than Orton.

  • pretty lame for people here to say that the public is already tired of him…only people that say that are those that just hates him for no apparent or logical reason…you still have lots of people cheering for him and buying his products, he still draws, and you guys still watch all his matches and promos from beginning to end (don’t lie, you know you do)…

  • T-Strings

    Age wise the only 2 choices that fit right now are either a push for Cody or Ryder they are the only ones that are still in their 20’s that would work right now

  • James

    Zack Ryder should be pushed at least for a good 6 months or maybe a year. He’s in his mid-20’s and the fans like him. Having him as a jobber makes it feel like his 5 years in the WWE a waste of time.

  • Mayback

    Well you can’t be tired of Cena since he outdraws everyone in the prowrestling (Except Brock Lesnar) including your favorites

  • Holy Slam

    The best new top face should be Dolph Ziggler. He’s been in the business for a little bit and knows the ropes. He’s held all the minor titles and with the MITB he has the chance to bolt into superstardom.

    Guys like Cena, Mysterio, Orton, etc. has been at the top since The Rock left the first time. They just don’t have the excitment factor they used to. The 619 is just another move, Randy Orton is boring, and John Cena is repetative with the same hero promos and title matches at the ppv’s. CM Punk has had many chances to be at the top but WWE didn’t think he deserved them. When he took his chance was when he became the top guy but Cena still overshadowed him.

    Daniel Bryan can be a top heel and be great at it. His angle with Kane and being tag champions seems to fit him opposed to when he was a face and was losing to Wade Barret.

    But the age issue is very valid because when they tried to push Christain last year it didn’t work because 1. he’s boring as hell and 2. he’s like 42 years old, and you can tell.

    Zack Ryder can also be a top face but the guido gimmick is getting a little old seeing as how the Jersey Shore era is reaching to its well deserved halt.

    Sheamus is not that great on the mic, his promo with Miz last night on Smackdown was terrible, partially because he can barely speak english, and also because his face character is stale. When he was a heel feuding with Cena in 2010 he proved how much of a powerhouse he could be. I mean, the man broke Jamie Noble’s back (kayfabe I know)

    With all that said the only person left who can be at the top and be good at it is Dolph Ziggler. They just have to drop Vicki as his manager because she’s holding him back.

  • theres too much talking, and rediculous kids play during these wrestling matches, & ooh? too many commercials! just get to the wrestling. I also think the only ones around the wrestling ring , should be the wreslers. not these wimpy woman coaches or other coaches.

  • Kayfabe fan

    I don’t get the age thingy
    I mean austin was 33 or 34 and he just had his neck broken and he still became the top guy

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