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Who’s Behind The Ryback/Heyman ‘Proposal’ Angle?, Masked Men In Wrestling History, Attendance

– On Monday’s Raw, it was teased that Paul Heyman wanted to marry Ryback after being “saved” by the former Skip Sheffield at Night of Champions. Instead, Heyman proposed that he become the latest “Paul Heyman Guy.” Vince McMahon was behind a shock tactic taking place on the program, as he made it clear to members of the writing staff that they feature “a spectacle” to lure viewers of ESPN’s Monday Night Football away during halftime. An unnamed creative writer then pitched the idea of teasing Heyman asking Ryback his hand in marriage.

– On the heels of Monday’s debut of Los Matadores, the official website of WWE has published a photo gallery highlighting the numerous masked individuals in the history of professional wrestling. A wide range of masked wrestlers are showcased, including Rey Mysterio, Mr. America, Sin Cara, Aldo Montoya, Blitzkrieg, Golga, The Midnight Rider, and Konnan as Max Moon.

– In recent WWE attendance figures: Sept. 27 in Denver, Colorado, drew 5,500; Sept. 28 in Dallas, Texas, drew 9,000; Sept. 28 in Huntsville, Alabama drew 4,000; Sept. 29 in New Orleans, Louisiana, drew 5,000.

– On Monday’s edition of TMZ on TV, wrestling fanatic Ryan Satin donned an “Employ Joey Ryan 2013″ T-Shirt. This led to a debate over who is a bigger celebrity, Paris Hilton or Hulk Hogan.

(source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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  • Guest

    Ryback and Paul Heyman segment was not a shock, or a spectacle. This segment was PREDICTABLE.

    • KingBack

      We all knew he wasn’t going to ask Ryback to marry him but the segment
      was solid if you ask me.

  • Jbreed

    Teasing a gay angle to gain viewership? I never heard of anything more ridiculous. But then again this is the WWE we’re talking about.

    • jcice13

      so you thought that it was more ridiculous than los matadores???? cause that was only surpassed by the gobblygooker and wcw’s ding dongs, followed closely by the red rooster,

      • Jbreed

        I agree. I hate goofy gimmicks and angles in pro wrestling more than anybody else does and Los Matadores was pretty bad but from what I’ve read some people actually like it and i’m sure a lot of the kids love it. But who’s gonna switch over from MNF to see whether or not Paul Heyman is gonna ask Ryback to marry him?

        • jcice13

          elton john?

  • jcice13

    I would LOVE to say vince mcmahon has lost his touch but honestly I don’t think he’s ever had much of one to begin with, if he didn’t luck out with his roll of the dice with the very first Mania he would have gone belly up and in my opinion that would have been the best thing ever for pro wrestling. the 2 things that he’s done he lucked into, mania 1 and the attitude era but if one looks objectively at his track record there are far too many lousy angles and characters and he’s taken some of the all time greats and turned them into cartoon characters and let’s not forget he had austin as the “ringmaster” until he lucked out with SCSA

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    Vince is the most overrated mind in wrestling history. If he didn’t have Hogan, none of his early gambles would have paid off. Stealing Hogan away from Verne was the smartest move he ever made. Everything else was automatic from that point forward because he had a money-making vehicle. After losing Hogan it was straight downhill until Austin exploded, and that wasn’t because of Vince, it was in spite of him. Attitude Era had a loaded card of stars led by Austin & Rock. Since losing them, it has once again been straight downhill. Vince has always relied on star-power to carry his piss-poor creative decisions. Cena hasn’t been near the draw of Hogan, Austin, or Rock, and the company has been on a steady viewership decline since 2006. Late 2011-2012 was the first year to reverse the trend, thanks to Punk, but since the start of 2013 the continual decline has resumed. If Vince isnt willing to step down, he may very well kill his own company.

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