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Why Is WWE Loading Up on Indy Talent?, JBL Speaks on Del Rio, Kendrick’s School

– Former WWE and TNA star Brian Kendrick will be launching Brian Kendrick’s School of Pro Wrestling this August. Sessions will take place every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the El Pappy Pineda Promotions Dome in Huntington Park, California. School begins on August 14th. For more information, e-mail [email protected]

– WWE is getting very aggressive in recruiting and signing new talents. They continue to reach out to stars on the independent wrestling scene and many of the talents that were contacted earlier this year are now being signed. The feeling is that they are gearing up for WWE Network projects and loading up developmental under Triple H’s lead.

– Former WWE Champion JBL wrote the following on Twitter about Alberto Del Rio during the Money in the Bank pay-per-view:

“Gotta root for Del Rio for @wwe world championship–handsome, rich, nice cars and very talented. Reminds me of someone I know…………. One difference between Del Rio and me is that I didn’t drive! @wwe But his ring announcer is pretty good. #MITB”

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  • Wuge

    Lol, JBL got that one.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    JBL’s being a surprisingly good sport about WWE essentially giving most of his gimmick to ADR.

  • Coolquip

    Never thought I’d say this but THANK GOD FOR HHH

  • D

    JBL vs ADR @ WRESTLEMANIA in JBL’s home town!!! Let’s go WWE Get to work on it

  • Marko50

    Although most of JBL’s gimmick has been given to ADR, one segment has been – thankfully – left out: the racism part. Although I don’t know how ADR storyline runs south of the Rio.

    And, although I’m happy that many indy wrestlers are getting tryouts, I’d still like to have enough around to give kickass bouts when I go to the indies. Which is about every weekend.

  • DanSaint

    JBL probably doesn’t care because he knows almost every wrestling gimmick/angle has been done before. JBL wasn’t the first rich boy gimmick and ADR won’t be the last.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    @DanSaint Point taken. It’s refreshing to see, actually. It really grinds my gears, some of these guys that get a stick up their butt when somebody uses one of the same moves that they happen to use, as if they put a copyright on the damn thing. It reminds me of that girl that comes to a function and gets upset that another girl’s wearing the same outfit.

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