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Why Jeff Hardy Won BFG Series, Morgan Has Been Working Fans, Impact Plans

– Announced for Thursday’s Impact Wrestling is the return of Gut Check and Hulk Hogan’s response to threats from Aces & 8s. TNA is also teasing an Open Fight Night brawl between James Storm and Bobby Roode.

– As noted over the weekend, Matt Morgan returned to TNA and “crashed” two live events. Word now is that Morgan actually re-signed two months ago and has been working fans on the internet all along.

– TNA had Jeff Hardy win the Bound For Glory Series because his contract is expiring soon and they wanted to make him happy in hopes that he will re-sign.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

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  • me

    That was pretty epic trolling by Morgan.haha
    Hopefully Hardy wins at BFG. He’s done alot over the year and I seriously reckon he’ll be off the drugs for good. A WWE return would be awesome still.

  • havok

    while jeff should be commended for getting clean (and hopefully he stays clean cause hes too good of a star to let that be his downfall)…the series couldve gone to someone who needed it

  • Heisenberg

    Matt Morgan did a great job selling that he would go back to wwe. Honestly, he got me there. He’s my fav wrestler in TNA. Hope he does well on his return.

  • The_Shaman

    I doubt Jeff will consider to go back to WWE because they are heavily focused on Punk, Jeff Hardy has a giant beef with Punk and can’t stand the guy, calls him a phony because of his clean edge lifestyle gimmick jeff says that he takes advil which is a drug.
    I would see jeff taking time off to uspend with his daughter and focus on his music and artwork.

  • Rg41982

    Bully ray deserved to win. It would be a new main eventer a fresh face and I think tna would get some points in making a wwe superstar into a tna superstar.

  • Chelsii.

    Lol @ everyone who thinks Jeff Hardy is clean.

  • rob

    And we all thought jericho was the master troll

  • later marks

    Jeff Hardy sucks, he always has and he always will.

  • Tom

    I have no problem with Hardy getting a Title shot. I think Hardy and Aries will put on a hell of a match at Bound For Glory.

  • Lee Roy

    where proof hes not clean? got none?? ya we didnt think so!!

  • Adam

    Hardy is a better fit for Aries, Hardy can help push him by losing to Aries in a super athletic X Division type match.

  • Richie

    While i am not against Hardy winning the series, i think it was a bad call! He is already over, he didnt need to win the series to be a contender! And seriously, how much longer does TNA think guys like Hardy and Bully Ray will be around! They really need to start thinking about building stars of the future! And in the BFG series is a great place to do that!

    Most may not agree with me here…but i really think Magnus has the tools to be a bigger star if given the chance, and i think he would have been a great choice to win the series…that would have surprised everyone!

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