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Why Ryback Might Not Win the WWE Title, Punk Plans, Feelings on His Streak and More

– According to a new report from F4Wonline.com, WWE officials have decided on a finish for Ryback vs. CM Punk for the WWE Title at Sunday’s Hell In a Cell pay-per-view but the source adds that it could change between now and then.

At one point, CM Punk was scheduled to win the match. The feeling was that of Ryback being undefeated and Punk’s run as WWE Champion, Punk’s streak is more important in the sense that they’re building to WrestleMania season with Punk, The Rock and John Cena. Punk going into the Royal Rumble as WWE Champion for one year will be better than him going into the pay-per-view after trading the title with Ryback just months earlier.

It’s believed that breaking Ryback’s streak isn’t the best thing for him but his run has never been built around being undefeated anyway. There’s a feeling that if Ryback loses at Hell In a Cell, as long as they go right back to pushing him super strong and have him run through everyone, he can be rehabbed.

It should noted that the source reported that the finish to the match had been changed again before being decided on. Meaning that both Ryback and Punk at one point have been penciled in as winning within the last four days. Word is that regardless of what happens at Hell In a Cell, Punk will be the WWE Champion going into his match with The Rock at Royal Rumble.

Source: F4Wonline.com

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  • Mayback


  • NickNack

    …Why couldn’t they just let the two fight, Ryback demolishes CM Punk and does a move from the top of the Cell that causes to be on the sideline for a couple of weeks. The medics come in and say Punk cannot continue on in the match. This will lead to the title not changing hands. I find this way very effective really, it can showcase Rybacks power and dangers of facing him in a Hell in a Cell.

  • Chelsii.

    Hahahahhaha, fuck all CM Punk haters.

  • rob

    Sweet Jesus they actually were thinking of having Ryback win….

  • Lisa

    To hell with the “sources”. Vince is too experienced to pull the plug on Ryback before he even gets started. Ryback is Vince’s personal project for fuck’s sake. Someone has to save us from this booooooring CM Sucks title reign. Put the title on someone with some credibility damn it. I’ll be infuriated and incensed if that asshole walks out of HiaC still WWE champ.

  • Gasparilla

    I have to disagree about Ryback’s gimmick not being built around his undefeated streak.

  • Cee Jaih

    No one cares..so just stop cause no one is listening

  • Joseph

    I hope Punk wins. it would be nice to have him be the one that finally ends Ryback’s streak. Having Punk go into the Rumble as a lengthy champion IS better. Now, if they only pulled their heads out of their asses and let Punk beat Rock. Having a long term champion get beat by a guy that has had 2 matches in 8 years is not saying a lot about CM Punk.

  • Lisa

    Joseph, you are so funny. Maybe you should consider trying your luck with stand-up comedy. CM Punk beating The Rock would be a crime. That asshole pinning arguably the greatest WWE superstar of all time? It really doesn’t matter whether Rock has wrestled twice in 8 years or whatever crap you are talking about. Rock is in very good shape, probably even fitter than he was 10 years ago. Hahahahahahahahh, Joseph, you really think that sewer rat CM Punk should defeat The Great One, The People’s Champ, The Brahma Bull, The Rock? Are you out of your freaking mind? Rush to the hospital for a quick scan.

  • 2caras

    So cm sucks will b chump till RR best in the world pffffttttt his not even on the top 20

  • Chris

    CM Punk beating The Rock isn’t going to happen. The Rock will never put CM Punk over.

  • FacePuncher

    @ 2caras

    Please post who you think is the top 20 in the world. No sarcasm, legit request

  • RKO

    The last 3 Comments I read are extremely pathetic!!!

  • FacePuncher

    Even mine? Awwww now im sad :(

  • Adam

    Everyone always says “there’s no shame in losing to this guy. there’s no shame in losing to that guy.” well theres no shame in losing to Punk. It wouldn’t damage Ryback.

  • David

    So let me get this straight….. Ryback (an actual wrestler) cannot take the wwe title from Punk but the rock (a hollywood star) can? Fuck that shit! And then people complain because of the “same old shit”. THIS is the time to build a new main eventer and Ryback and move forward.

    I like Cm punk’s work too but He is already in the main event status (second to John Cena) having him lose on snday would not affect him at all.

  • Mick

    Oh thank the Heavens they value the long term future in Punk’s perspective over Ryback’s. For the latter, just feud him with Brock Lesnar, and actually go over Lesnar. Brock won’t complain since he’s all about the money, and he does something I don’t think he ever did in any of his WWE runs, put a new star over, build to the future. There, that’s Ryback’s instant rehab.

  • Cee Jaih

    Cm Punk beating Rock would be cool.

    @Chris never doubt that cause The Rock put over Hurricane in 2003 during his rivarly with Stone Cold, and he jobbed for Big Boss Man too, so don’t doubt that

  • SoWii

    I just hope Ryback won’t botch and lead to injuries…

  • Only way I see punk beating rock is if hhh or cena cost rock the match. I personally would like to see this. As for ryback and brock I would not hope to see that cuz ryback has no accomplishments at all to face brock in his caliber at wm.

  • Phil

    Right, so I reckon Big Show loses to Seamus (or, even better wins but is then beaten by Ziggler in seconds with the briefcase). A pissed off Show is then seduced by his former manager Paul Heyman into being the difference maker and costs Rybak the title. They can book the match to make Rybak (and I am not a fan… yet) look strong, they can book the ending to give heel Punk the win. Its the way its going to go down…

  • Z…..

    at this point, I feel it is a lose-lose-lose situation for wwe. if ryback wins, its obvious why its a loss. If punk wins, and hold s on to the title until the Royal Rumble and loses it to the rock, its a loss b/c it makes what would be, by then, an over 1 year long reign look like garbage and will make it seem like the rock is worthy over everyone in the entire company of being champion after not being in the ring regularly for almost a decade. if punk wins, loses to someone else before the royal rumble, and then that person loses to the rock, it will also seem like it makes punks reign look worse, the person who beats him’s reign will look like a fluke, and they will seem like a transitional champion. Pretty much, wwe backed themseelves into a corner

  • Gasparilla

    The only way I can see Ryback lose at this point and still look strong is to have some major outside interference in the match. Ryback can dominate the match, then perhaps as previously suggested the Big Show aligns with Heyman and Punk comes in and attacks Ryback, then Ryback still manages to overcome only to lead to somebody else (preferably Lesnar) coming out and finishing Ryback off. This will make it look like sure Ryback lost but it took three men to beat him and set up a feud for Ryback with one of those two men, while saving Punk and the title feud for Cena which seems like what the WWE really wants anyways.

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