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Why Vince McMahon Is Returning to RAW, Early Details on WWE’s Foley DVD

– We noted earlier this year that WWE will release a new DVD for Mick Foley on April 16th, 2013. Foley revealed that he was able to ask for many Superstars, past and present, to appear on the DVD. Foley commented:

“Just wrapped up two days of interviews for my DVD. Lots of cool extras, rare matches. Maybe some added commentary with me and @JoeyStyles?”

– As noted before, Vince McMahon will be appearing on Monday’s RAW to deliver a State of WWE Address. Vince’s appearance is a direct response to last week’s very low RAW rating. The plan is for Vince to kick off RAW at 8pm EST but that may change.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

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  • I think it would be cool.. If he addressed the ratings and talked to the fans like a real CEO and laid out the changes he wants to make

  • Kayfabe fan

    That should be interesting

  • Real Kosher

    I’m thinking he is gonna try to usher in a new era or some kind…like he did when he announced the whole ruthless aggression thing

  • I, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, announced that that my wife, Linda McMahon, lost the election…….. Therefore, Im announcing that the PG Era is over! 😀

  • mossy

    ^^Oh how I wish the above was true!

  • It would be funny if the rating dropped even more when Vince shows up. Then he knows his company is definitely screwed. That’s when I’d recommend divorcing Lind since she is screwing the WWE up.

  • zeo ranger five

    most likely to announce his retirement

  • Kerwin White is Jebus

    The McMahons used to be completely focused on wrestling, it’s how they won the Monday night wars, it’s bow they made wrestling mainstream, turning it into a highly profitable entertainment machine. But now that Linda wants more power and more money, they’re much less focused on the product, are mostly using it as a stepping stone for momma McMahon (be a star bullshit, making it pg to help Linda, removing attitude era vids from u tube, etc) and it shows.
    They can do whatever they want, including diluting the product (3 hour raw, 5 or 6 different shows, etc) and wrestling fans can either tune out or just sit there and take it.
    I’m with you guys^, that ruthless aggression speech really kicked off an era, and it was exciting and unpredictable, and I want to see that again.
    Unfortunately, Linda is still running and Vince is still pussy-whipped, so I feel like Monday might just be a ploy to get better ratings, and not something of any substance that will reignite our passion in wrestling. Still, I’m hopeful. It is definitely high time for a turning point (no tna pun intended) in the cyclical state of wrestling.

  • nightmare

    I really don’t think it will help any unless something big happens .I mean with the way things are now like gas prices and food and others items people just don’t care anymore about wrestling .It the same thing week after week .

    Vince needs something huge to break this cycle

  • Jan Hansen

    My guess is that Vince comes out, talks and get interrupted by Punk & Heyman, who trashes him, his wife, his family, his company and everything Vince stands for. According to Punk, Vince has shown no respect for his company’s champion resulting ind the lowest ratings in WWE history. Then Heyman suggest that Vince put him in charge of Raw, which of course brings out AJ. AJ get down on her knees in front of McMahon, and everybody is expecting af proposal! :-) Of course she is just begging McMahon to let her keep her job as Raw GM. Man, I could be a member of WWE Creative!

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