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Why Was Triple H Upset at Monday’s RAW?

– Triple H reportedly “blew a gasket” towards the end of Monday’s RAW in the main event segment with Big Show. When The Shield came out and RAW went to commercial, Triple H was visibly upset and was seen dropping a “f-bomb” before grabbing a headset and arguing with whoever was on the other end.

It turns out that the segment was going long and someone in the back, either Kevin Dunn or Vince McMahon, sent out The Shield as a cue for commercial. Triple H was upset because they cut before Big Show could be told he was indeed getting a WWE Title shot. RAW ended up going 5 or 6 minutes long and that’s because this segment had problems.

Source: PWInsider

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  • Macho Man

    Know your role Triple H, Vince still calls the shots!

    • Devon

      Not for long cant wait for Vince to retire

      • Macho Man

        Well you’re going to be waiting awhile. There is no way Vince is giving up majority control of WWE until he is physically unable to do the job or dead.

        • Rotnerd

          Yeah Vince will die ans HHH will take over. He will never retire.

  • ShowOff76

    Even with no commercial, this segment would have been bad, the beatdown is too long, Big Show is not the right guy to play this role, there are a lot of things wrong with this storyline… except Kane… at least for the moment

    • Trinot Grigio

      Agree whole heartedly with you. Big Show is terrible. If you were going to use a “veteran” to go against the establishment, you could have used Mark Henry with the whole ” never been champion” angle and Triple H dangling the proverbial carrot in his face with a title shot had Mark did the the Authorities bidding of taking out Bryan and whoever else and then discovering he’d been lied to. I think fans would have gotten behind that.

      • ShowOff76

        True, Henry would have been a good idea but i think they should have put a young guy in front of The Authority like Bryan or Ziggler, to really establish them as main eventers.

        • Trinot Grigio

          We’re on the same page with that… A young guy should have had that spot.

        • JH

          That’s their problem, they get soooooo close to giving a new guy the ball and then they get scared, like during 2011, they get soooooo close to making Punk the guy, then out comes Kevin Nash, just like they got sooooo close to giving it to Daniel Bryan then out comes big show in a semi.

  • JMD

    bottom line, raw almost always runs 5-10 minutes over, that much is a given. but to have it roll to a commercial was just stupid. have the commercial before the entire segment even starts. as its the last segment of the night, there is zero excuse to have a commercial interruption.

    someone in the back is screwing up….there were too many badly timed interruptions last week (2 or 3 during the cash-in and title match alone).

    its a scripted show, people. they really should be able to know what segments not to interrupt.

  • OptimumBuster

    Wow the guy in charge at the TV tapings losing his mind because someone missed a cue. Vince never did that. Oh wait…

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    God, the Big Show hate is so thick… has it occurred to anyone else that this might be Show’s final run with the company and they’re just throwing him one last bone? I mean, that is a possibility. As for Henry, I think he’d be worse at this angle than Big Show was because Henry can’t really play a face at all. At least Big Show’s decent enough on the mic and has the sense of humor to pull it off if they’re going to use a big guy. Yeah, I understand everyone’s still butthurt – and probably justifiably so – that Bryan didn’t get a run with the title. But since they’re keeping the WWE Championship as part of this larger angle and they went the Tag Team route with Cody Rhodes (which I don’t think was a good idea), this was the only thing that makes sense at the moment instead of bringing in some random challenger that wasn’t involved with the storyline from the beginning.

    Oh, and it could always be worse – can anyone say, “SuperCena-Orton title unification match with no storyline setup?”

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