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Why WWE Is Pushing Big Show, More on Daniel Bryan’s Status

– Big Show is main eventing WWE’s Survivor Series pay-per-view with Randy Orton because there’s a renewed effort within WWE to put larger or bigger wrestlers in the spotlight. This is the reason for Show being pushed and why we’ve seen more of Luke Harper and The Great Khali lately.

There’s a feeling that Daniel Bryan was on top for a few months and WWE’s pay-per-view buyrates have been down during that period. The feeling among upper management is that Bryan isn’t a larger than life wrestler and that’s what fans want. They feel a guy like Bryan should be on the mid-card having great matches.

Source: PWInsider

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  • Heelsean

    Such bullshit. I would need to be paid to watch Khali wrestle let alone pay to watch him. Harper is actually a good wrestler and has an awesome gimmick. The buy rates are down because of shitty PPV names that have taken away all nostalgia from Hell in a cell matches etc , shitty matches with feuds that are thrown together 2 weeks before a PPV and there’s nothing fresh anymore.

    • Jeff

      Your right, Some of these feuds don’t even have enough build up. WWE also stopped showing the PPV match card graphic on TV to hype it up..

  • BITW

    Really?You already lost Ziggler,Miz and now Daniel Bryan?

  • The_Brown_Widow

    Smh…. what a shame.

  • Trey Doss

    wwe get that gun away from your heads ur killing yourself

  • Mario Peralta

    Fans want a larger than life superstar, yet they cheered louder than they did in years for Daniel Bryan. Not to mention they have Big Show do the “Yes” chant to gain a pop. They need to have Big Show do his own thing to see that it is not a larger than life star they need because ripping off someone else’s taunts/manurisms isn’t helping him any, it is keeping focus on Bryan. They just need to push the right people in the right direction to help bring the show up. The 5 guys they focus on all the time aren’t quite getting the job done.

    Cena, Orton, Triple H, and Big Show are not the droids we are looking for

    • LayTunchi

      I agree they need to push more stars. Dolph, kofi, cody, ryback. But instead cena, orton are headlining wrestlemanias to come.
      Like nexts years wm 30. Its rumored to be orton vs. ethier cena or punk. I dont wanna see that again.

    • Rotnerd

      I wish we can start a vrial campaign to get people chanting for Bryan during other matches. So WWE knows what fans want.

  • tmeister

    At the end of the day as vince would say: WWE is all about the MONEY smh

    • LayTunchi

      Yeah Like C.M Punk said its about Who can Draw the most money in. And fill thoss seats. N sell the most merchandise

  • tt2000

    I think they’re right. The general audience wants to watch big muscles.

    Just like in porn, the most popular girls are the pretty ones with really big tits and asses, not those who are great performers.

    Edit: I guess that’s changing a bit nowadays with the internet and stuff. Knowledgeable niches are mostly the ones dictating the trends and not the general public anymore. For every entertainment medium, be it porn or wrestling or music or TV.

    • Sasha Grey is a prime example of how that’s wrong.

      • tt2000

        Exception to the rule. For every sasha grey there’s ten amy reid.

        • Reid? Ewwww face.

        • FacePuncher

          What’s wrong with Amy Reid? Granted, I didn’t know who she was until you mentioned her so I checked out some of her movies. She looks good to me. Does she have a bad personality or something?

          • tt2000

            She has one of the best bodies of all time but is an awful performer, no enthusiasm, always looks like she doesn’t want to be there or annoyed with something but people still love her and she always one of the most popular on tube sites. or at least was when I used them back in the day. (3 or 4 years ago)

      • Poppy’s Hammer

        Asa Akira is another one as well.

    • Abudadein

      You obviously aren’t familiar with Cytherea. Cytherea is the Daniel Bryan of adult entertainment.

      • tt2000

        except the heavy drug abuse

  • Joseph Douglas

    The WWE has no idea what fans want.

  • Devon

    This is why I’m done. They would rather have old, shitty, slow, useless khali, old, shitty, slow big show then have great, young, charismatic, amazing wrestlers like Bryan & Dolph. Whose fuckin idea was this???

    • Abudadein

      I think it might have been Renee Young’s idea. I blame her for everything in WWE.

      • Aksana.fan

        Your an idiot

        • Maddox

          Its obviously a joke

        • Poppy’s Hammer

          Abudadein is known for his witty sarcasm here, got to sift through all the grains of salt to find the really serious comment he produces every now and then. He is a delightful read every now and then until we get to see some interesting reads between Chelsii iand Ambrose’ Wife/D.M.T I think it is.


    Of course buy rates are down, the cards aren’t that good and why would anyone buy the ppv when you can watch one of the streams for free…

  • Chelsii?

    Buy rates are down because people are sick of seeing Randy Orton as champion for the 10th time.

  • CatchWrestler1

    So they are trying to appeal to new audiences that know nothing about the product, favouring older, slower and less-entertaining stars and putting them over the guys who truly deserve to be in the spotlight? Surely, we’ve never seen this before…right?

  • MP3RiYO

    Don’t y’all think we should post all this messages in WWE’s Twitter, and Facebook, and all other social networks they look at so that they know what we want.

    • Jay Ess

      It’s not like they don’t already know what they want, but they make the decision that will align best with generating a lot of money. They can fully be aware of what we expect and anticipate but if in their minds it’s not going to drive revenue, they won’t do it.

      • MP3RiYO

        Yeah but we as fans generate that money.

        • Jay Ess

          Problem is that we (thoughtful fans) don’t generate enough of it. Many sources speculate that thoughtful fans make up the minority of the WWE’s fans. Gotta remember that a huge part of the money that the WWE sees also comes from the families and parents of kids who watch the product.

          As a rule, kids are far more impressionable than adults. WWE can tell them “like Big Show” and sell 560K t-shirts, while thoughtful fans will get the message “like Big Show” and question why he should be in the Main Event.

          As a billion dollar company and profitable money-making entity, I can see why they’d opt to go with what would make them more money vs. what would make a certain segment of fans happy. Unfortunately, they’re just doing what’s best for business

  • Dan Saint

    While “hardcore” fans want to see guys like Punk and Bryan win the titles…they don’t do the shows for you because they know they already have you. They want to get the casual fans…and casual fans want those larger than life guys hence why they will push those guys to get the casual fans to buy the PPV’s. That’s it. No reason to get pissed over it. Either accept…or move on from WWE and watch the indys.

  • JH

    If they truly felt that, big show isn’t the big guy to get behind at all, he’s boring as hell

  • push Luke? YES!! push Show? im ok with it… push Khali? PORRRR QUE!!?!?!?

  • MyNameIsSET

    What’s the point of buying a ppv if they usually do the same matches on raw.

  • Rako

    You people would believe anything as long it’s a “report” against “upper management”.

  • Anonymous Raw GM

    i actually liked the Khali vs Del Rio match on Smackdown for some reason. Khali displayed a few new moves and actually moved around a lot or maybe it was just him getting a bit more of air-time.. not sure but he was watchable… i also heard kids cheering for him so i guess we’l see him a bit more often on tv now

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