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Will Cena Be Boo’d Today?, Preview for Goldberg’s Show, Hardy Witnesses Fight

– Former World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg will be hosting a new miniseries on the SPEED channel beginning next Sunday at 1pm EST. Here’s a preview:

– Regarding the fight between Vader and Harley Race that we reported on from yesterdays Legends of the Ring Convention, Matt Hardy commented on Twitter:

“By the way, I was there today at Legends of the Ring & witnessed the physical altercation between Vader & Harley Race… Unbelievable.”

– As a reminder, John Cena will be the Honorary Captain at today’s New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts NFL game. The appearance has picked up some mainstream media attention with an article on the NFL website wondering if Cena will be boo’d because he is a New England Patriots fan. Cena tweeted this morning:

“Off to NYC to be @nyjets honorary capt. today. #Metlifestadium is home of #WRESTLEMANIA gotta make sure its loud enuff for @wwe”

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  • Eoin

    Just like on RAW, I sincerely doubt he cares.

  • Joseph

    He will be booed because he sucks. And of course he cares. If he truly does not care than he does not love the business as much as he claims. When you are the poster boy of a company and half of the audience hates you, it is not good. That is why I am confused as to why Cena is still the face. Ratings have been horrible for years (compared to the past) and PPV buyrates are down, why not go in another direction?
    Of course, my theory is that Cena only cares about the money. Which is why he stays face, because if he turned heel he would lose money on merchandise.

  • Tommy

    Holy shit, Joseph hit the nail right on the head. And how could he even have a passion for professional wrestling when he barely even wrestles in his matches? His matches are basically: First 3-5 minutes are a grapples fest. Then he starts to get beat up. Then he gets beat up some more. THEN some more. It goes on for a while until he comes back with his shoulder block and “You can’t see me” and then presumes to get beat up some more. Gets beat up some more. Then out of know where the “amazing” Hulk Hogan Jr pulls a win out of his ass at the last second. Wow, didn’t see that coming.

  • The REAL RyBork aka bork lazer

    lol cena haters are faggots. if u have ever been in a fight u would know that at first, when u get hit it hurts and u almost lose, but then an adrenaline rush hits and u feel no pain and can kick ass like cena does.u cena haters need to move outta ur moms basement and get a life. when taker hets beat up every year at mania for 30 mins, then hits a tombstone or locks in a hells gate and wins u dont boo, or get mad, so i dont see ur logic.

    and joseph he will remain the face, because hes the most entertaining, charismatic FULL TIME superstar in the past 8 years. he sells more merchandise than cm punk, or orton, or sheamus.

    oh and no im not gay or a little kid. im straight and 27

  • GN-0015

    @The REAL RyBork – I’m sure your comment is meant to be sarcastic rite? Am I rite??

  • rob


  • Bane

    27, a virgin, and still leaving on mommy’s basement. Don’t forget the pacifier.

  • The REAL RyBork aka bork lazer

    no it wasnt sarcastic,it was honest. and no i live in an apartment but close to getting my own house, and yes im single but a virgin lol, lil kids these days….

  • Anonymous Raw GM

    ^ Youre an idiot if you still think the WWE is legit wrestling.. there i said it!

  • The REAL RyBork aka bork lazer

    WWE is scripted wtf, i dont think its real lol, why would u say that?

  • Fritz

    Cena is as useless as a bork lazer comment

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