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Will Chris Jericho Be With WWE Past WrestleMania 32?

In WWE’s pre-sale notice for the first SmackDown after WrestleMania 32, Chris Jericho is advertised. The taping comes out of San Diego.

There’s been word on who Chris Jericho will face at WrestleMania. A few months back, there were rumors of Jericho taking on Dean Ambrose at WrestleMania. With all the injuries to top stars, WrestleMania plans were forced to be changed several times.

It’s believed Jericho will end his feud with AJ Styles at Sunday’s Fastlane.

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  • Lisa

    In the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal perhaps? It’s very unlikely as Jericho dismissed the idea on social media last month. Jericho deserves better in my humble opinion.

  • Crazy_Victor

    Jericho is on the card of a live show on 23rd April.

  • Mark B.

    Chris Jericho and AJ Styles vs Wyatt Family, for the World Tag Team Championship. Coming soon in the near future.

    • Someguy

      ( ?° ?? ?°)?

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