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Will DDP Be on Raw This Monday?, Jericho Congratulates Tyson Kidd, More

– There is speculation that former WWE & WCW wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page will be the “Blash from the Past” Legend at this Monday’ WWE Raw Supershow.

– WWE is featuring a list of people who should be the next “Heath Slater Hater.” Some of the names listed include Coolio, Mike Tyson, Miss Piggy, Flo Rida and Vin Diesel.

– Bret Hart wasn’t the only person to congratulate Tyson Kidd for his victory on Smackdown to earn an opportunity in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Jericho had some kind words to say as well.

Chris Jericho ?@IAmJericho
Congrats to @KiddWWE for getting in the MITB match! He never has bad matches-its awesome to see him keeping the Calgary kid tradition alive!

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  • CodyRhodes2011

    If I hear “Yo It’s Me, It’s Me It’s D.D.P” this monday i will be going crazy lol

  • CodyRhodes2011

    I hope Tyson Kidd Wins!!! 2012 Money In The Bank

  • Thrust!

    Coolio??? LOL LOL LOL.. Epic match right there LOL

  • jayman

    I thought the calgary kid was miz. –_____–

  • Mikey


  • Rg41982

    I’m glad Tyson is in the mib match. I’m a big fan of his ring work but I like sandsow winning he looks great in the ring and I think he could be a monster heel!

  • BilboBallbag

    Tyson Kidd, the most underrated superstar since Chavo Guerrero. Honestly though, i hope he wins.

  • Chelsii

    Tyson kid is obviously kissing some backstage ass.

  • Lil RJ

    Tyson Kidd should win he has busted his ass for almost 14 years to be the best

  • bork lazer

    Know I’m gonna get heat for this,but I think Christian should win. I would absolutely love for him to have another WHC,if he did maybe it would push him enough he would STAY in the main event card status instead of dropping back down to mid-card

  • Tyler

    All the kids are going to be confused as hell when DDP does the Diamond Cutter.

  • Chelsii

    Troll Chelsii, why are you STILL here?! Tyson Kidd deserves all the success he gets.

  • Brando

    DDP for gm.

  • Will

    It would be even cooler if DDP came back on the 1000th episode and was in a tag team match with Booker T.

  • Mindy

    Troll Chelsii aka rob

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