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Will Edge Be at WrestleMania 29?, The Miz Welcomed to Team Foley, More

– WWE Hall of Famer Edge did a Q&A with fans on Twitter last night. Here are a few highlights:

* He will not be at WrestleMania 29 as he will be in Winnipeg that day

* He is not under a WWE Legends contract

* He doesn’t miss being in the ring but does miss the crowd reactions

* He doesn’t really keep up with what happens on WWE RAW

– Mick Foley welcomed The Miz to his Survivor Series team via Twitter after last night’s RAW:

“Here’s to you @MikeTheMiz – you’ve busted your butt, and paid your dues, and entertained us all for many years. Welcome to #TeamFoley”

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  • Danielh

    Comment section is going to shit

  • i USED to LOVE the shit outta Edge when he use to Remember where he came from, and what go him to where he is today. i loved him when he loved WWE plain and simple. now he can fuck off. How dare he not BEG for a WWE legends contract, Asshole.

  • rob

    ^^ Seriously the people who run this website need to fucking fix this shit. It is fucking annoying scimming through all these comments.

  • EC

    @ Jackson Demarco: Edge has the right to go where he wants. He’s a big star and not everybody is of the Vince school of thought where once you’re employed at WWE, you’re bonded there forever. Plus, Edge is a HUGE star and WWE offered him a shit Legends deal. If he’s happy away from WWE then good for him.

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