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Will Edge Ever Wrestle Again?, Raw’s Social Media Score

– This week’s episode of Raw scored 165,690 in social media activity, which was down 35 percent from last week and least-socially-active show of the three-hour era. Raw was also lower than this year’s two-hour era average of 167,531.

Overall, Raw ranked #2 on cable TV behind “The Bad Girls Club” on Oxygen.

– Former WWE Star Edge noted Tuesday on Twitter that he goes in for neck surgery on Thursday. Asked if there will be a chance of him wrestling again if his surgery is successful, Edge replied, “Nope, so the docs say.”

Source: Trendrr.TV

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  • matthew

    well it was a shit raw

  • GN-0015

    I thought WWE’s obsession with Twitter was annoying, and now Wrestlenewz is “embracing Facebook”. WTF is going on here??

  • Jay

    I really do not want to see Edge wrestle just because of the chance he could end up not walking because of a bump. He can be a GM, a manager, on commentary or just work backstage. Honestly I believe he will be a agent in a couple years , but only if like Kane is back there too.

  • Brody Lawrence

    If Edge does wrestle again I hope he goes the Bret Hart route and has a non-wrestling wrestling match a la his U.S. title match with Miz & his Wrestlemania match with Vince Mcmahon. No sense in risking permanent damage for one last actual match or two.

  • Anonymous
  • Austin

    Austin didnt like this on Facebook

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