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Will HHH’s Team Force Laurinaitis Out?, Ace’s WWE Duties and More

– We noted before that Paul Levesque (Triple H) is now listed as the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations on WWE’s corporate website, instead of John Laurinaitis. This is a change making official what has been the case for a while. Laurinaitis has worked under Triple H and Triple H has hired new people like Canyon Cemen and Jane Geddes. Geddes is Vice President of Talent Relations and is doing a lot of the work Laurinaitis was doing. Cemen is running Talent Development and is reporting to Triple H.

Laurinaitis has had many of his duties reduced as of late and the expectation is that his job will be changed in some form down the line as Triple H puts his own hires in key positions. Laurinaitis is still booking WWE live events but the writers are more involved in that as there is a movement within the company to make the live events more like the TV shows. Laurinaitis is also doing the talent payroll but has been spending more time on the road as a talent.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • bork lazer

    HHH= buries talent

    PAUL LEVESQUE= buries officials

  • zip

    CM Punk should be EVP of Talent Relations. In Punk we trust.

  • Chelsii



    You fucking idiot. Also I love dick

  • Truth

    Why would WWE want CM Punk as EVP of talent relations? he’d release anyone he didn’t like and hire all of his Indy buddies, whether they’re entertaining or not.

    Seriously, you marks are stupid.

  • Kaan

    Truth – You’re talking about CM Punk right. Not Orton.

  • bork lazer

    Actually, it’s bork lazer, I’m not trying to rip off bork laSer bork laZer is my thing and chelsii shut the fuck up nobody likes you, you fucking fell out of a marks anus

  • Alejandro

    They might as well fire John Laurinaitis. Nobody really likes the guy anyways.

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