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Will Jeff Hardy Return to WWE?, News on Why TNA Wants to Keep Him and More

– There are a lot of rumblings within TNA that Jeff Hardy is looking to return to WWE when his current contract expires in early 2013.

The feeling is that Hardy wants to return to WWE for one more big run and make a bunch of money because he lost a lot with the legal troubles he has had over the past few years.

We noted before that TNA had Hardy win the Bound For Glory Series because they want to keep him happy. TNA really wants Hardy to stay as he is their biggest merchandise seller. The feeling is that TNA may put the World Heavyweight Title on Hardy to try and persuade him to re-sign.

Source: PWInsider

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  • Joseph

    So the WWE would rehire the unreliable Jeff hardy but not Matt?

  • Muscleman

    Am I the only one who doesn’t wanna see Jeff Hardy back in WWE?

  • duke the dumpster drosey

    Am I the only one who doesn’t wanna see Jeff Hardy back in WWE?


  • me

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk 2

  • Heisenberg

    Show me the money!!! It’s all about making $$$. It’s Mr McMahons call if he would let Hardy return to wwe again.

  • Real Kosher

    I’d rather have jeff over matt any day…matt is a fucking tool and a complete doosh…he would get fired with in a month…and he would probably try to get his trashy bitch whore of a g/f on the roster too

  • Mayback

    @real kosher who is Matt’s gf?

  • Wuge

    @Mayback: Reby Sky.

  • Manny

    Well knowing Vince he would not resist bringing in the Hardy boys for profit. Its good business for him.

  • Diesel

    WWE TNA WWE TNA then WWE again? If he performs decently I don’t mind him coming back and possibly seeing hardy vs punk again. Although he’ll also be known as the biggest channel changer of all time.

  • Adam

    @Diesel, I think Golddust by far is the biggest channel changer of all time, switiching between WWF and WCW multiple times, then the same with WWE and TNA.

  • harold

    let him go back i like jeff he is great but aries is our tna champ i dont want to see him lose it to jeff who had plenty chance and made a big name for him self it time for younger stars to emerge i wont follow you to wwe jeff but if he go back i wont be mad tna have all kinds of great talent for me to watch

  • rob

    @Diesel you forgot when he got booed the fuck out of ROH hahaahah matt hardy also

  • Chelsii.

    wow… way too many junkie loving faggots on this site. Fuck you Hardy cock suckers, he’s a criminal and he knows it. I hope he never comes back, I hope he dies alone in a room by himself after injecting himself too much.

  • Tom

    Chelsii that is a clasless comment.

  • David

    It will be an amazing thing to see Jeff Hardy in the WWE once again.

  • GunShark

    Should Hardy return to WWE, would the same problems he had in his last run not come back? The wear and tear on his body, inefficient time to recover from injury, and the insane travel schedule led to his drug problems before, according to Jeff. Why would he go back to that? The risk of having a relapse is very high.

    In TNA, he has more freedom to pursue his interests in art and music, the work load is less gruelling, and he can spend more time with his family. Sure, more money is always nice, but is it really worth the risk? The safe bet would be for him to re-sign with TNA, put the money he makes there into a nest egg, continue to stay clean, and watch his daughter grow up.

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