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When Will Luke Harper Return To TV?

Wyatt Family
It was reported on Tuesday that Luke Harper missed RAW and the SmackDown tapings because of a family emergency. The exact family matter wasn’t disclosed.

Harper is in town for Hell in a Cell, according to PWInsider. If he doesn’t appear on the pay per view, he should be back on RAW to rejoin the Wyatt Family.

No word on what this means for the returning Erick Rowan.Will Luke

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  • Michael Breen

    If he does return, The Wyatt Family will official be the first on-air quartet in over a decade. The last one Evolution.

    • Michael King

      It needs to happen a family should be more than 3 XD

      • Michael Breen

        A cult-like family, right?

    • Jack

      Nexus? New nexus? the Corre?

      Yea they may not have been the best, but still, they count.

      • Michael Breen

        I forgot about those groups. I guess because they had little success, though the original Nexus had the most potential before SummerSlam 2010 messed it up.

  • TheMAG

    Harper’s sister almost died of an overdose.

  • The Shockmaster

    ‘Will Luke’. Will Luke what, Lisnow?

    • Starman

      The 5th Wyatt member, Will Luke?

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