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Will McMahon Run Again?, Watch Her Concession Speech, Who Joined Her?

- As noted before, Linda McMahon lost her second bid for the United States Senate. The Connecticut Mirror reported last night that that Linda has already said she will not run again in 2014.

Linda was joined last night by Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Triple H and others as she gave her concession speech. You can see below:

mcmahons election night

You can see more photos of The McMahons on Election Night here on WNZ.

  • Anonymous Raw GM

    Well Thank Fuck for that!

  • jayman

    Guess Vince Mcmahon didnt watch supersmackdown live

  • Jarryn

    Aaaaand nothing of value was lost.

  • http://Wrestlenewz.com Mark Daza

    So that means we will finally get to see the REAL WWE?

  • WeWantChristian


  • Z…..

    While I dont agree with what the Mcmahons did with this cmpaign the last 6 years, as I said in the other post, I will say that I dont agree with what her opponents said about her and wrestling in general. They are able to get away with those batant lies b/c people hear wwe or wrestling and automatically think negatively. Its frustrating that things got painted in the picture that they were b/c those things were simply not true. It also effects wwe’s mindset in the past few years and even moving forward. As I said before, we just have to wait and see what happens, but now is their chance to change

  • Mick

    I am not a skeptic or Mr. Negative, but I won’t fool myself. This defeat will not change WWE. WWE went PG before Linda even considered running for Senate. She ran in 2010, lost, WWE didn’t change PG. There are many other reasons WWE went PG, and will stay PG. Mainly how it serves them in today’s market. There won’t be a creative overhaul, and other than RAW’s horrible ratings and the possible crash and burn of the WWE Network, business wise, WWE’s still doing fine with a reporting of Q3 earnings showing better PPV business, and the aftermath of a financially successful Wrestlemania, and the coming of another big box office hit with Wrestlemania, and even Royal Rumble 2013 with Rock vs. Punk as the likely headliner.

    Basically, nothing’s going to change. Best to realize that and roll with it, rather than be pissed off because unrealistic hopes are not met.

  • Mick

    Oh by the way, was Vince crying and/or rolling his eyes when Linda mentioned his name?

  • adam

    Linda should just stop running she is never going to win. All she is doing is wasting the wwe money and making it so wwe has no edge any more. Also she is trying to erase the attitude era because it makes her look bad give me a fn break. Also she is at her own rally and has to ask people to listen to her no one respects her

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